Wallet Sewing Pattern and Tutorial

Wallet Sewing Pattern and Tutorial

DIY Wallet Free Sewing Pattern and Tutorial

Finished size→ 12cm x 9cm

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Wallet Sewing Pattern and Tutorial


1. First of all, let's make the cladding, that is, the shell. For the time being, instead of using paper patterns to accurately cut, the lining, surface cloth and auxiliary cotton are cut into a slightly larger rectangle than the paper pattern, and the three layers are aligned together for quilting (crimping) →

2. Now use the paper pattern to do precise trimming, but also add the A and B marks on the paper pattern to the lining, the wrapping is done like this, set aside for later → 

3. Cut two more pieces of bag cloth and 4 pieces of side cloth, if the fabric is thin, iron a thin non-woven adhesive lining on the back of the bag cloth and side cloth, you can iron the adhesive lining before cutting the →

4. Stitch the upper and lower sides with 2 pieces of the cut side cloth in a set of 2 pieces of front-facing inward, turn out the front and iron the stitches → 

5. Cut a zipper with a length of 9 cm, and then cut two pieces of cloth with the same width as the zipper and attach them to the → at both ends of the zipper 

The small cloth head is folded back to cover the zipper and pressed to be fixed, and the crease is about 0.7 cm away from the zipper cut, so that the total length of the folded zipper cloth head is equal to the width of the bag cloth, namely 10.5cm

6. Install the zipper. Align the zip and two layers of the bag cloth to the edges as shown in the following figure. Suture at 0.7cm suture→

7. Then stitch the other side in alignment→

Stitched up, it looks like a binocular ~~ turning the watch over and strapping it over the lining →

Wallet Sewing Pattern and Tutorial

8. Take zipper teeth as watershed to fold the bag cloth, and press the two ends to be fixed by a wire. Then remove the two side sheets→

The side cloth is folded longitudinally and tightly wrapped around the edge of the bag cloth, and the pressing line is fixed→

9. Now that the outer case and inner core of the package are all made, then combine them, simply by aligning the dots and seaming them together→

Wallet Sewing Pattern and Tutorial

Wallet Sewing Pattern and Tutorial

10. Prepare to roll over your wallet, which is somewhat special, with two rounded corners and two square corners. Leave it alone. First, trim the rim. Make sure to tilt 45°. Trim it about 3.2cm wide, not long enough. Take it and fold one side of the rim into about 0.7cm. Iron →

11. The edge rolling strip is first stitched on the front of the wallet, and the corners are folded at two right angles

Turn the tab over to the lining and fold the hem by hand. Finally, the magnetic fastener is installed, and the method of stitching is used here, which is especially suitable for the piece of collage

Wallet Sewing Pattern and Tutorial

Wallet Sewing Pattern and Tutorial

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