Two side Zipper Pouch Pattern & Tutorial

Two side Zipper Pouch Pattern & Tutorial

2-Sided Zipper Case Tutorial. Pouch free Pattern & Tutorial  

Finished size → 12.5cm (L) x 7.5cm (W) x 1.5cm (Thickness)

Two side Zipper Pouch PDF Pattern Download

1. Cut a piece of table cloth slightly larger than the paper pattern, measuring about 15cm × 17cm, or you can play with yourself to splice into a piece of this size. Cut 1 piece of cotton and 2 pieces of double-sided tape of the same size. Add 1~1.5cm to the length of the lining. 2.

2. Draw a diamond pattern on the front side of the fabric, with lines spaced about 2cm apart. Then to the table cloth + double-sided tape + auxiliary cotton + double-sided tape + lining of the stacking order will be ironed and bonded into a piece, the part of the lining of the cloth to stay underneath the part to be used for wrapping the edge. 3.

3. Along the drawing of the diamond pattern for the pressure line.

4. Trim the length of the lining fabric to about 1cm wide, fold it over to one side of the fabric to about 0.5cm wide, and press on the stopper. If you need to decorate the lace, sew it on. For the handles, sew a strip of fabric about 1cm wide, put on a D button, and sew it to the center of the top edge.

5. Fold the bottom edge inside out, i.e. the edge that has been hemmed, and sew with a 0.7cm wide seam allowance.

6. The piping strips are cut diagonally to a width of approximately 3 cm and the remaining outer edges of the pouch are piped. Sew the piping strips together on the front side with a 0.6 cm wide seam allowance, then turn to the reverse side and fold over the edges and sew by hand with a standing stitch.

Two side Zipper Pouch Pattern & Tutorial

7. Prepare to install the zipper, using a regular 20 cm zipper is sufficient. Before installation, cut the closed end of the zipper flat, and then use a small piece of cloth head piping to seal the head.

8. The zipper is also hand-stitched on the reverse side of the bag. Starting from the bottom edge, the end of the zipper is sewn about 1 cm from the bottom edge, while keeping the bottom edge of the zipper exactly in line with the bottom edge of the piping strip. Stitch from right to left in a half backstitch. Place the seam as close to the edge of the bag opening as possible.

9. When the zipper is sewn to a position 1~1.5 cm from the midpoint of the top edge, fold the zipper down at 90° and sew it in place.

10. After sewing one side of the zipper, pull the zipper together, mark the corresponding folded corner of the other half of the zipper, and then pull the zipper open. Start sewing the other half of the zipper at the same distance from the midpoint of the top edge, and sew to the end of the bottom edge.

11. After installing the zipper, the bottom edge of the zipper should also be sewn to the lining of the bag with a standing needle so that the zipper won't buckle on the inside.

Two side Zipper Pouch Pattern & Tutorial

12. If you need a handle, cut a strip of fabric 4 cm wide and 28 cm long, fold it into four layers and press the threads together. Then put on a dog hook and knock on a rivet.

Two side Zipper Pouch Pattern & Tutorial

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