How to Make a Bird from Fabric

How to Make a Bird from Fabric

 Beginner-Friendly Fabric Bird Sewing Tutorial. How to sew a cute Fabric Bird.

How to Make a Bird from Fabric

Round bird, like a small ball, the size is only as big as an egg, super cute, right?

Bird pattern download


How to make fabric bird

1. After printing the paper pattern, cut out each part along the outline line, and cut the required amount of fabric according to the quantity indicated on the paper pattern. Note that the X-shaped arrow line on the paper pattern indicates that the part should be cut diagonally at a 45-degree angle, because woven fabric stretches best at a 45-degree angle, so try to use diagonal cutting when making stuffed dolls, so that the overall effect of the finished product will be more rounded and plump. 

It is recommended that the bird's belly be cut from a different fabric. Also the wings need to be cut in 4 pieces, and on 2 of the pieces used as the base cut a small slit for the return. Another important thing to note is to remember to mark the beginning and end of the seam for each piece of fabric:

2. Sew the bird's tail and wings together. Lay the 2 pieces of the bird's tail face to face on a piece of fluffy cotton to hold it in place, and do the same with the wings, laying the piece used as the top layer underneath and the piece used as the bottom layer on top. Sew the tail and wings together with the batting.

3. When finished, trim the auxiliary cotton along the edges of the seam allowance, trim the fabric seam allowance appropriately narrow, and cut some notches in the curved seam allowance.

4. Turn the tail and wings out to the front and use embroidery floss to make decorative stitches:

5. Sew the body parts of the bird. The body of the bird is like a sphere made of 1 piece of top + 2 pieces of side + 1 piece of bottom sewn together, let's first look at how they are combined, pay attention to distinguish between the top and bottom edges of the side, the top edge of the side is sewn to the top, the bottom edge of the side is sewn to the bottom, don't get confused:

6. First, sew the two side pieces to the top. Take one piece of the side + top and align the seam marker points at each end and position them with a bead pin, then add a few bead pins in the center to position them. Start sewing at the front marker (remember to backstitch for reinforcement) and finish sewing by backstitching at the back marker:

7. Then align the other edge of the top with the other side piece, folding under the seam allowance of the previous side piece already sewn on to avoid it at the starting point, and then aligning the marker points to position it:

Sew in the same way as you sewed the first piece:

8. After sewing the top of the bird to the two side edges, sew the bottom to the bottom edge of the side edges in the same way as you sewed the top edge.

9. After completing the entire body, narrow the seam allowance and cut some triangular teeth into the curved seam allowance.

10. Then turn the body out front through the opening in the bird's tail and stuff the body with stuffing cotton:

11. Cut a piece of non-woven fabric in the shape of a diamond, fold it in half and hand-stitch it onto the bird's body at the intersection of the 4 vertices for the bird's beak; sew two black beads next to it for the eyes; and then sew two buttons together with the wings onto the bird's body on both sides.

How to Make a Bird from Fabric

12. Tuck the tail into the end of the bird's body and secure with a hidden stitch:

How to Make a Bird from Fabric

How to Make a Bird from Fabric

How to Make a Bird from Fabric

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