DIY Cosmetic Zipper Pouch

DIY Cosmetic Zipper Pouch
The special feature of this zipper pouch is its bottom, which is triangular and inserted into the side seams of the bag. In this tutorial, I'll show you a new way to install the zipper, which is easy and perfect!
DIY Cosmetic Zipper Pouch

Download Zipper Pouch Bag Pattern

The finished size of the bag: 20.5cm (width) x 12cm (height) x 5cm (thickness).

Please print on A4 paper at 100% ratio, with a seam allowance of 0.75cm.

When you open the pattern file, you may have noticed that the paper type of the surface fabric and the lining fabric of this zipper bag are different. Although they are different, the inside and outside of the bag fit perfectly. The lining of the bag is the same as the ordinary bottom corner of the zipper bag, only the surface layer to play a [transfer] game, please see the picture below left is an ordinary zipper bag, the bottom corner of the body part of the bag transferred to the bottom of the bag, it becomes the bottom corner of the zipper bag. Figure out the transfer method, I believe that your own design of the type of bag is not a problem.


1. Cut 2 pieces of body and 1 piece of bottom according to the paper pattern. It is best to use a contrasting color of fabric for the bottom and body of the bag:

2. Trim off the outer contour (seam allowance) of the fabric pattern, use it to cut the adhesive tape and iron the tape to the back of the fabric:

3. Cut two pieces of lining according to the lining paper pattern:

Zipper bag sewing

1. Choose zipper. You can choose metal zipper or nylon zipper, if it is metal zipper, it is best to choose the yardage zipper, that is, sold by length, install the zipper head and stop iron kind. Cut the zipper to the same length as the mouth of the bag, then pull out some zipper teeth at both ends, install the zipper head and stop iron, after installing the stop iron, the remaining blank length at both ends of the zipper is about 1.2~1.5cm:

2. Lay the zipper face down on one of the fabrics with the opening centered on the edge of the zipper as shown in the picture below, fold the ends of the zipper up and sew the zipper to the opening:

3. Align the other piece of fabric with the other side of the zipper and sew in the same way:

4. Lay a piece of lining fabric on top of one of the zippers and sew again:

5. Lay the fabric and lining flat on both sides, with the seam allowance reversed to the fabric side, and press a tack line along the edge of the zipper on top of the fabric:

6. Repeat steps 4~5 to sew another piece of lining:

7. Attach the backing to the fabric. Lay the bottom of the bag on top of one of the fabrics, front-paste the front to align the bottom three edges and sew, taking care not to sew to the edges at the ends, but to the center of the sharp corners and backstitch to reinforce it:

DIY Cosmetic Zipper Pouch

8. Align the other three edges of the bottom of the bag with the other piece of fabric and sew in the same way:

DIY Cosmetic Zipper Pouch

9. Fold the bottom of the bag in half, lay out the lining of the bag, sew the two side edges, and sew the bottom edge of the lining, leaving a portion of the bottom edge in the center as a return:

10. Sew the two bottom corners of the lining. Finally, turn the bag inside out, sew the top of the lining with a hand sewing needle, and finish the zipper bag with a little ironing:

DIY Cosmetic Zipper Pouch

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