Shopping Bag Tutorial

 Today, I'm going to talk about what I call Little Shopping Bags.  You know those paper shopping bags with the cord or twill tape handles that some stores give you when you buy something small (and which you then use to carry things around in for months)?  I see people using bags like this to carry their lunches to work all the time.  I've been known to use them myself.  However, they're not very sturdy and they don't do well in the elements.  Also, they're ugly.  I was sure we could do better.

Big Fat Gorgeous Handbag Free Tutorial

  If you are considering a really roomy bag with lots of pockets and a zip closure, one with elbow handles and a shoulder strap, you might consider making My Big Fat Gorgeous Handbag.  This bag has plenty of internal pockets including a good sized zipped pocket.

Tutorial For 2 Sided Zippered Purse Or Wallet

Tutorial For 2 Sided Zippered Purse Or Wallet
This tutorial is for a neat purse that has 2 zippered sections, a separate section for bank notes and pockets for credit cards.  It closes with a snap stud tab, but you could use a metal press stud or Velcro tape instead.   It is easy to make and even the zipper part is very straight forward. 

How to make a tote bag

How to make a Tote Bag. Free Pattern + Tutorial
 Tutorial For Beautiful Bag With Shoulder Straps

15 Minute Fat Quarter Drawstring Bag Tutorial

 Easy 15 Minute Drawstring Bag Tutorial

Hobo Bag Pattern + Tutorial

DIY / Sewing bag TUTORIAL : How to make a hobo shoulder and crossbody bag

Tote Bag Sewing Tutorial

How to Make a Market Tote Bag. Sewing Tutorial

Tutorial: Make a reusable market bag

How to Make a Simple, Reusable Market Bag. DIY Tutorial

Bag From A Pillowcase. Sew Tutorial

 Pillow Cover to Messenger Bag. DIY Sewing instructions

Clutch Sewing Pattern and Instruction

 Clutch Tutorial with Free Sewing Pattern and Instruction

Farmers Market Tote Bag Tutorial

Farmers Market Tote Bag Tutorial + Pattern
 Farmer's Market Tote Bag · How To Make A Tote Bag

Ruffle Bag Tutorial and Pattern

 I am really excited to share this with you guys, becuase I am 100% positive that you guys can make it better than me. Seriously. You all are going to get to the end of this tutorial with your gorgeous, finished bag and say "That's it? Huh. That wasn't hard at all".