Flowers of Felt DIY tutorial.

Цветы из фетра и войлока своими руками. Flowers of Felt DIY tutorial.
Soft and enchanting beauty. How to make flowers from felt with your own hands. A photo Tutorial

Crafts for the New Year and Christmas

Мобиль из снежинок 
New Year's creative: create original crafts from everyday and everyday things. Everything that is near at hand - we will redesign for New Year's gifts.

Toys for Christmas and New Year

Снежинки - декор для окна 
Darkness is the darkening of the New Year's decor, a sea of ideas in a selection on the actual pre-holiday theme. Christmas trees, snowflakes, toys made of felt, topiary, interior decorations ... What's not!

Slippers from jeans. DIY tutorial

No-Socks Slipper-Mocs Pattern & Tutorial 
No-Socks Slipper-Mocs.  It's time to sew yourself warm slippers in the form of moccasins, from unnecessary old jeans pants.

Cosmetic bag with clasp. DIY tutorial

Косметичка с фермуаром. Cosmetic bag clasp
Beautician bag with a clasp of unusual, unconventional shape. A beautiful combination of fabric, decoration, lace, pattern - beautiful!

Foldable Bag DIY Tutorial

 A quick note before we start …. you might notice that the fabrics in the some of the photos are different – that’s because the photos for this tutorial were taken during the making of two different totes. It’s slightly lacking in photos in some parts of this tutorial – sorry about that, it’s really hard to remember to take photos as I sew.

Spool Quilt Block Tutorials. Block 3

Spool Quilt Block Tutorials
 How to Make the Spool Quilt Block, Patchwork and Quilting Tutorial

Spool Quilt Block Tutorials. Block 8

Spool Quilt Block Tutorials
 Ready for something a little different? We’re going to take a break from stripes and show a little spool block love to the other fabric in our stash. I’m feeling a vintage vibe so I chose a charming 30s repro from Quilt Gate as the inspiration for this spool’s color palette.

Bag Cover for iron and ironing

Сумка-чехол для утюга и глажки. Bag Cover for iron and ironing
An interesting bag for storing the iron, which is also a bed for ironing.
He took out the iron, laid it on the table, ironed it - and all the cases, a good design!

Travel Bag with Window. Tutorial

Travel Bag with Window. Sewing Tutorial

 Quart-Size Travel Bag with Window (this also makes a great pencil / pen bag). Finished size is 6 X 8

Wonderful embroidery with smooth from Yumiko Higuchi

Чудесная вышивка гладью. Satin stitch
Wonderful images of nature, plant world, embodied in embroidery.
Embroidery with a smooth surface is very expressive, the pictures turn out to be relief, colors - natural, twists of twigs and leaves - are unusually beautiful!

Candy Cutie Patchwork Softie Tutorial

Candy Cutie Patchwork Softie Tutorial

Candy Cutie patchwork softie. Free Pattern and sewing Tutorial. She’s a cute little patchwork softie you can make from your fabric scraps.  The tutorial includes the templates for the arm, legs, face, and ears.

Backpack of jeans denim

Как сшить рюкзак из джинс. backpack of jeans
No, this is not a backpack - it's a masterpiece! Of course, a masterpiece, it's necessary so to manage and sew a backpack of unnecessary jeans flap. bright fabric cuttings, buttons, stripes and other sewing accessories.
A great backpack!

Sewing organizer

It is not clear how the name of this interesting design?
A bag is not a bag? Casket - organizer?

In general, think for yourself, and call it what you want, but it is a very convenient thing for needlewomen, in which you can put the most necessary things on the journey - scissors, reels, needles, rulers and pencils.

It is sewn from too interesting - an unusual, unconventional and non-broken design. look, I think you will be interested!

Швейный органайзер  Sewing organizer

Napkins, pot holders and aprons for kitchen

A large, mega-selection of sewing pleasant kitchen trifles - warmers for teapots, napkins, tacks, aprons, embroidery and other joys. Applique predominates, a little patchwork and stitches - in moderate doses, patterns and patterns - in abundance !!!

Cloth Diaper Pattern & Tutorial

Cloth Diaper Free Pattern & Tutorial

Newborn Cloth Diaper Cover Free Pattern and Sewing Tutorial

How to decorate a crochet knitted cap

Как украсить вязаную шапку?
In the selection are examples of light, beautiful caps for girls for boys. And what is most needed is ideas for decorating hats. For those who knit, knit for themselves and relatives or to order, these headgear will be a source for inspiration, I'm sure :-)

How to sew childrens knitted cap.

 How to sew children's knitted cap.
Super-idea from the category: easy, simple, affordable, cheap and angry.
If you have blouses, pullovers, jackets that you do not wear, and throw it away. It's a pity because the fabric is good, beautiful, the finish is interesting ...

How to sew a bag made of leather?

сумка-мешок из кожи
Yes, but very impressive!
The natural skin always looks elegant and noble, stylish and truly.
Photo Tutorial on sewing bags-bags of leather shreds.

How to sew a bra

 Sewing underwear can be compared to jewelry work. The fabric is delicate, small in size compared to skirts, trousers, outerwear.

Original cushion with patterns

Оригинальные подушки с выкройками
A selection of ideas for sewing pillows and interior items, embroidery, applique, patchwork. Furniture from bright shreds, needle beds and potholders - for every taste.

Credit Card Holder DIY tutorial

Zipper Card Pouch

Портмоне для визиток и кредитных карточек. Credit Card Holder DIY tutorial

Flower of denim fabrics for bags.

How to make a flower from denim and decorate a brand new sewn or bought bag?
цветок из джинсовой ткани. Flower of denim fabrics for bags.

From maxi skirt to dress. DIY tutorial

короткое легкое платье. From maxi skirt to dress

Summer is a time when heat, cares and troubles do not allow you to devote much time to needlework. Well, if you suddenly need an outfit? Quick sewing in a hurry will save the situation.

Templates for applications

Шаблоны для аппликации. Templates for applications

Finishing children's things. Pictures for drawings on children's clothes, for applique or decoration. There are several examples for "sewing on paper".

Beautiful Denim Bag DIY tutorial

джинсовая сумка - Beautiful denim bag
How to sew a bag of denim? Tutorial with photos and pattern. 

Made of Old Jeans Denim

 из джинсовой ткани Made of jeans About jeans and alterations from jeans clothes, about the ideas "Let's give a second life to jeans" is written, said and done very much.After all, jeans - this is such a cool material that retains its beautiful appearance even in the "new" state. And if the denim is slightly rubbed at the toe - so it becomes even more valuable and stylish, is not it?

Spool Quilt Block Tutorials. Block 7

Spool Quilt Block Tutorials

We’re up to block seven, I can’t believe it! Are you up for a new technique? We’ve been there and done that with snowball corners so let’s try something a little different.

Mat patchwork Tutorial

коврик из лоскутков  Mat patchwork
An interesting way of sewing rags. We cut out the circles, sew in a certain order, we get bright carpets for the nursery.

Как сшить двухстороннюю панаму?

Как сшить панаму? Летнюю двухстороннюю панамку? Яркую, позитивную, с широкими полями, закрывающими лицо от лучей жаркого солнца?

Как сшить панаму. How to sew a two-way hat?

Patterns and Ideas for sewing Cosmetic Bag

Выкройки и идеи для шитья косметичек.  Patterns and Ideas for sewing beauticians. An unconventional solution for a small handbag is a cosmetic bag, which is based on a circle, tied with a string or a ribbon in the folds.

How to Sew Denim Bag? DIY tutorial

сумки из джинс ~ We sew denim bag
Bag is an alteration from jeans ...

At the word "alteration" immediately something is not very tempting. But this version of a bag of jeans I really liked!

The original form, unusual handles, decoration in the form of a bow, the combination of different materials - and the result is happy :-)

Step-by-step photo-tutorial bags from old jeans!

Decorating T-shirts

Декорирование футболок. Decorating T-shirts
Decor T-shirts. Ideas for imagination, inspiration, a lot of ways and options. T-shirts for adults and children. Clutches, flowers, ruches, pictures, applique, prints ... FANTASY !!!

35 bags 20 daily goods interior

Summer Bag with Flowers. DIY tutorial

Summer Bag with Flowers. DIY tutorial
Flowers are unusual, original, based on a hexagon from a cloth flap. The technique of performing such flowers can be imagined by looking at the pictures.

Sewing of old jeans

шьем из джинс. Sewing of old jeans

Yes, perhaps, in each family there will be denim unnecessary trousers. And, not alone, and different colors. The following is a selection of ideas - this is sewing from jeans.

Ornaments, charts and images for applications.

Ornaments, charts and images for applications.Universal pictures for applique. These blocks can be applied, where and how you like. Beautiful ornaments, schemes are available.

Sew a small handbag. Diy tutorial

Как сшить маленькую сумочку. Sew a small handbag. Diy tutorial
You can wear it like a small bag, you can use it as a purse, or you can turn it into a clutch. In general, a versatile and very cute model of a mini bag. There are step-by-step instructions-descriptions. On them you can sew and a handbag of a larger size.

How to make flowers out of denim?

Цветы из джинсовой ткани.  Flowers denim

Caps, hats and panama: Knit crochet

Caps, hats and panama: Knit crochet

We choose a beautiful yarn, we take a hook in hand and for a couple of evenings sitting at the TV, without any special effort we knit new headdresses.

Spool Quilt Block Tutorials. Block 4

How to Make the Spool Quilt Block
 How to Make the Spool Quilt Block | a Fabrics Quilting Tutorial

Sew Bag-Big Purse. DIY tutorial with patterns.

Сумка из ткани с выкройкой. Bag of cloth with patterns. DIY tutorial

Sew Bag-Big Purse.  DIY tutorial with patterns.

How to Sew a Pillow with Flowers. DIY tutorial

Как сшить подушку с розами?
How to sew a pillow and decorate it with roses?

Spool Quilt Block Tutorials. Block 9

Spool Quilt Block Tutorial and Pattern
 This easy Spool Quilt Block tutorial and pattern includes cutting instructions. Block #9

The Magic of Crazy Quilting

The Magic of Crazy Quilting: A Complete Resource for Embellished Quilting

Fancy Toy beads

игрушки из бисера. Fancy Toy beads

Besty Youngquist is the author of anthropomorphic sculptures made of modern and antique beads from around the world, pieces of antique porcelain dolls and glass eye prosthesis.

Crazy stitches, patterns for embroidery

узоры для вышивания
Crazy is an original patchwork technique. In its basis - stitching of pieces in a chaotic order. Fabrics are selected in harmonizing combinations, sewed in a certain way.

Spool Quilt Block Tutorials. Block 10

Spool Quilt Block Tutorials
 Let’s sew a rainbow … spool of thread that is. Time to dig in your stash and find seven delightful colors to use in a rainbow spool of thread block.

How to sew a round pillow for the couch?

 How to sew a round pillow for the couch?
Tutorial on sewing a round cushions for the sofa.

An interesting idea, it is sewed easily and simply, but the result is amazing.

How to Make Leather Flowers. DIY tutorial step by step

цветы из кожи
Not only that the skin is beautiful and noble, crafts made of it are not more complicated than from ordinary materials. Plus the skin - in its plasticity and suppleness.