Candy Cutie Patchwork Softie Tutorial

Candy Cutie Patchwork Softie Tutorial

Candy Cutie patchwork softie. Free Pattern and sewing Tutorial. She’s a cute little patchwork softie you can make from your fabric scraps.  The tutorial includes the templates for the arm, legs, face, and ears.

Fill this little cutie’s arms with candy for someone special!


Fabric: (So Sweet Love collection by Lollipop Rainbow for Marcus Fabrics)

Nine 3-1/2” squares (for body)
9-1/2” X 7” piece (for head)
9-1/2” X 16” piece (for backing)
Remnants for ears, arms, legs + applique pieces
Centennial Solids: Marshmallow, Black + 1930’s Red (for eyes, pupils, nose + cheek appliqué pieces)

Other Materials:

PDF Templates download
Lightweight paper-backed fusible webbing
Polyester fiberfill
Cotton batting (for ears)
Two tiny white buttons (1/4” – 3/8”)
Disappearing ink marking pen (to trace mouth)
Straight pins
Standard sewing tools + equipment: sewing machine, scissors, pencil or marking pen, rotary cutter, ruler + sewing mat, iron and ironing board, hand sewing needle


Organza drawstring favor bag, assorted chocolates + small bow


Note: All seam allowances are 1/4″.

1. Cut the following pieces out of fabric (pictured from left to right):

9-1/2” X 16” piece (for backing)
9-1/2” X 7” piece (for head)
Nine 3-1/2” squares (for body)

2. Place the nine squares into a pleasing arrangement so that there is contrast between the colors and print styles.

3. Sew the first row of squares together. Press seams.

4. Continue sewing the second and third rows of squares together. Press seams.

5. Sew the three rows together into a nine patch square. Press seams.

6. Sew head onto top of pieced square. Press seams.

7. Using templates, trace appliqué pieces (patch on head, eyes, pupils, nose and cheeks) onto paper side of fusible webbing. Cut out traced pieces approximately 1/4″ to 1/2″ larger on all sides. Referring to manufacturer’s instructions, use iron to fuse pieces (paper side up) onto wrong side of fabric. Cut out pieces on traced lines.

8. Remove paper backing, then fuse appliqué pieces onto head.

9. Sew around edges of appliqué pieces. Stitch mouth then sew buttons onto each cheek.

10. Using templates, cut four ear pieces out of fabric and two ear pieces out of cotton batting. Appliqué inner ears onto two of the ear pieces.

11. Pin ear pieces right sides together on top of batting. Sew around curved edge leaving bottom straight edge open. Clip curves. Turn and press. Baste bottom openings of ears closed.

12. Using templates, cut four arm pieces and four leg pieces out of fabric.

Candy Cutie Patchwork Softie Tutorial

13. Pin arm and leg pieces right sides together. Sew around pieces leaving bottom straight edge open. Clip curves. Turn and press. Stuff arms and legs firmly with polyester fiberfill.

14. Baste bottom openings of arms and legs closed.

Candy Cutie Patchwork Softie Tutorial

15. Pin ears, arms and legs facing inwards right side down and raw edges even.

16. Baste ears, arms and legs to secure them onto main body piece. Remove pins.

17. Pin front piece and backing right sides together with the ears, arms and legs sandwiched in between.

Candy Cutie Patchwork Softie Tutorial

18. Sew around edges leaving a large enough opening at the bottom for turning and stuffing. Turn and press. Stuff firmly with fiberfill.

19. Stitch opening closed.

20. For a sweet touch, fill an organza drawstring favor bag with yummy treats then attach bag onto critter’s arm. Accent bag with small bow. Your little cutie pie will LOVE this special delivery!

Candy Cutie Patchwork Softie Tutorial

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  1. This reminds me of the gifts my grandmother used to make for me and my cousins; she would create variations for each of us kids so that we each felt special. The expression on your softie’s face is especially darling. Perhaps it’s time for me to resurrect this family tradition, in time for my grandmother’s great-great-grandchildren (gasp) to hear about her thoughtfulness and ingenuity. If I don’t pass down these stories, who will? And who knows? Maybe one of those little kids will have inherited her talent and love for fabric, and the quilty-crafty tendency will go on and on…

  2. Oh my this is cute! Will be saving this tutorial for another day, Just not enough time to get some made before Valentine’s day this year, Thanks for sharing!