Mat patchwork Tutorial

коврик из лоскутков  Mat patchwork
An interesting way of sewing rags. We cut out the circles, sew in a certain order, we get bright carpets for the nursery.

Как сшить двухстороннюю панаму?

Как сшить панаму? Летнюю двухстороннюю панамку? Яркую, позитивную, с широкими полями, закрывающими лицо от лучей жаркого солнца?

Как сшить панаму. How to sew a two-way hat?

Patterns and Ideas for sewing Cosmetic Bag

Выкройки и идеи для шитья косметичек.  Patterns and Ideas for sewing beauticians. An unconventional solution for a small handbag is a cosmetic bag, which is based on a circle, tied with a string or a ribbon in the folds.

How to Sew Denim Bag? DIY tutorial

сумки из джинс ~ We sew denim bag
Bag is an alteration from jeans ...

At the word "alteration" immediately something is not very tempting. But this version of a bag of jeans I really liked!

The original form, unusual handles, decoration in the form of a bow, the combination of different materials - and the result is happy :-)

Step-by-step photo-tutorial bags from old jeans!

Decorating T-shirts

Декорирование футболок. Decorating T-shirts
Decor T-shirts. Ideas for imagination, inspiration, a lot of ways and options. T-shirts for adults and children. Clutches, flowers, ruches, pictures, applique, prints ... FANTASY !!!

35 bags 20 daily goods interior

Summer Bag with Flowers. DIY tutorial

Summer Bag with Flowers. DIY tutorial
Flowers are unusual, original, based on a hexagon from a cloth flap. The technique of performing such flowers can be imagined by looking at the pictures.