Fat Quarter Bag Pattern & Tutorial

Fat Quarter Bag Pattern & Tutorial

The Fat-Quarter Bag is a fast and fun project.
It goes together so quickly you’ll want to make one for everyone on your gift list. The bag holds a lot of quilt projects and is a good size for a child’s overnighter.


42"-wide fabric
1 packet of 6 fat quarters
2 1/8 yds. for lining and handles 1/4 yd. flannel for handles
22" of l"-wide non-roll elastic


From each of the six fat quarters, cut:
   1 rectangle,  17 1/2" X 19 1/2" (6 total)

From the lining fabric, cut:
   1 rectangle, 38 1/2" X  51 1/2", for lining
   4 strips, each 2  1/2" X 40", for handles *

From the flannel, cut:
   2 strips, each 2  1/2" X 40" **

*For longer handles, cut 8 strips.
**For longer handles, cut 4 strips.


1. Arrange the 6 fat-quarter pieces as shown. Stitch or serge the pieces together. Press the seams to one side.

2. Pin the lining and the joined fat quarters right sides together. Using a 1/4"-wide seam allowance, stitch or serge around the edges. Leave an 8" opening near the center at one short end. Turn the bag right side out.

3. To make the handles, place 2 lining strips right sides together and place a strip of flannel on top. Stitch or serge around 3 sides, leaving 1 short end open for turning. Turn the handle right sides out. Slipstitch the end of the handle closed. Topstitch 1/4" from the edge all around both handles.

Note: To make longer handles, join 2 strips of fabric end to end to make 1 long strip. Make 4 long strips. Repeat with pairs of flannel strips. Follow the directions in step 3 to make the handles.

4. Press around the edge of the bag. Topstitch along the edge, beginning at the opening and ending at the other side of the opening. Do not stitch across the opening.

TIP: It helps to pin the pressed edges  before you topstitch. The pins hold the layers firmly in place as you sew.

5. To make casings for the elastic, measure 7" from the short ends of the bag on both long edges and mark. Stitch from point to point, 1 1/4" from the topstitching.

6.    Cut the elastic in half to yield 2 pieces, each 11" long. Working through the 8" opening, insert the elastic into both casings. Pin securely at both ends. Secure the ends of the elastic by stitching an X in a 1" square.

Fat Quarter Bag Pattern & Tutorial

7.    Slipstitch the open end of the bag closed. Continue topstitching across the 8" span.

8.    To make the casing for the handles, fold 2" of both short ends toward the lining. Topstitch along the existing topstitching and 1/4" from the fold.

Fat Quarter Bag Pattern & Tutorial

9.    Insert a handle into each casing. Holding handle pairs together, tie the ends in a knot.

Fat Quarter Bag Pattern & Tutorial

Fat Quarter Bag Pattern & Tutorial

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