How to sew a bra

 Sewing underwear can be compared to jewelry work. The fabric is delicate, small in size compared to skirts, trousers, outerwear.

 Lace bra

This model is simple, but very tender and feminine.

 Need a lace cloth or guipure. It is desirable that the edge is couponed, that is, uneven. And on a flat edge, you can sew thin lace for decoration.

Recommendation: transfer the pattern to a Word document. Calculate how wide and high the cup should be and scale the pattern.

Cut out details from lace and from a cotton cut of a suitable shade.

Combining the pattern, sew two parts on each half.

Do the same with another fabric.

Cut off a piece of elastic tape equal to the circumference under the chest + a small margin.

Sew it folded with triangles.

For beauty and creating a flat seam, make a finishing line at a distance of 0.5-0.75 cm from the seam. 

Sew fasteners to the edges of the braid.

Sew two more segments, equal to the distance from the end of the triangles over the shoulder to the 
bust belt, sew to the top of the front of the bodice and to the belt.


In order to vary the length of the straps, accessories for underwear are used - plastic or metal rings, strap adjuster, hooks.

Having sewn accessories and fasteners, you can try on and wear the product.

Underwire bra

The given bra pattern is given in several sizes. It can be built by ourselves according to the specified standards or printed on a printer, observing the scale.


Only 5 parts, including a push-up insert. The last photo shows how to connect the parts together.

Cut out all the details from the material - cotton for the wrong side and elegant for the top.
Sew them together.
Sew on a belt, fasten to it.
Choose straps, adjusters and connect them to the bodice.
Foam rubber is inserted into the push-up element. The thicker it is, the more noticeable is the push-up effect.


A drawstring is sewn between the front of the bodice and the girdle and the bones are inserted in such a way that 1 cm of reserve is left at each end. This is done so that the fabric, having shrunk, does not tear, being stretched on the bones. Instead of a single piece, you can make a large allowance for cutting. And then, tucking it up, sew up, forming a drawstring.


Cup bra

And you can do such a bust, having at hand all the necessary accessories for linen.


Ready cups are placed between pieces of fabric (of any shape) and are cut off on both sides. The lower one, which is attached to the belt, remains unstitched.

If only the bottom layer is sewn to the cup, then the top layer can be laid in a beautiful drapery and stabbed with pins.

Sew the upper part of the bodice to the belt, process the seams.

Tighten the seam allowance and sew it so that it forms a drawstring for the bones.

Sew on straps, not forgetting the adjusters, fastener.

This is a fake way, but you can use a pattern if you wish. Sewing a belt is similar to the previous descriptions. 3 sewing options - 3 types of busts.
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