15 Minute Fat Quarter Drawstring Bag Tutorial

 Easy 15 Minute Drawstring Bag Tutorial
This is the easiest, fastest, funnest little bag ever.  I had just bought my son’s little friend this set of blocks and knew from experience that the little tub they come in wouldn’t last long.  I had made the same bag for my kids’ blocks and thought it would be a nice addition to the gift.  Plus when he opens it he doesn’t have to wait an hour for mom to get the package open, that’s the worst.  And when he is done playing, they already have a home for easy pick up and storage.

Here is how to do it:
Easy Drawstring Bag Tutorial


    fat quarter of fabric.  You can use any size, but for this tutorial that is what I used.
    all your sewing stuff
    1 yard of cord or something like it

Measurements and Cutting:

If you have a pre-cut fat quarter you’re set.  Most fat quarters come in at 18 x 22, but any size will do.  If you have a bigger piece of fabric, you will just have a bigger bag.  As far as cutting just make sure your piece is nice and even, that will make for faster sewing.

With a 22 inch side at the top, press and fold over each side with a hot iron.  You only need it to be about 2½ inches long.

Now sew each fold just down the center and off the side just like the fold.  Is there a more legit way to do this?  Why yes, yes there is – but we’re talking fifteen minutes here folks.  I promise, it’ll look good

Press the same 22 inch side over a quarter inch with an iron.

Then fold over again about ¾ inch and press again.  This will make both the folded corners on the end, making a nice finish where the draw string will be.

Sew a straight stitch along the inside fold, making sure to leave enough room for your string to pass through easily.

Fold in half right side in, with the 18 inch sides together and sew a straight stitch with a 1/2 inch seam allowance.  Make sure to start just below the drawstring opening and back stitch.  Zigzag the edge.

Repeat on the bottom and finish with a zigzag.  Now you should have a cute rectangle.

With the right side still in, quare off the bottom and sew the corners like shown.  I eyeballed it, but you could pull out a ruler if you want to. Repeat on the other side.

Then cut off the ends and sew a zigzag on the edges.  The bottom of the bag should look like this, still inside out.

Stitch a little bit just on the seam for the top fold.  This will just secure the opening.

Thread your cord through and you are done!  See it looks nice and sharp.

With a kid friendly way to close up shop.

Cute and easy, and so versatile.  Any size will do, and after one I bet they only take you 14 minutes to make ;) .  Gift bags, toy storage, little mini gift card holders, favor bags, laundry bags with a full yard…endless possibilities.  And you can always dress them up with appliques or paint.  Just add the embellishment before you sew.

Here is the fox again, isn’t he cute?  You can get his download here.

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