Simple Tote bag Tutorial

Simple Tote bag Tutorial

How to Make a Simple Tote Bag. Free Pattern & Tutorial 

Finished size→Bag opening width (28 cm); height (34 cm)

Strap making →

1. Cut 4 strips of fabric 50 cm long, one wide and one narrow (dimensions below), and 2 strips of webbing of the same length for the lining of the bag, or you can use fusible interlining or cotton strips for the lining.

2. Choose a flower-shaped stitch to sew the webbing on the reverse side of the fabric, which can be decorated and fixed.

3. Sew the top and bottom edges of one wide and one narrow layer together.

4. Turn the strap over to the front, iron it flat, and crimp the edges on both sides.

To make the bag opening

1. Cut 2 pieces of fabric 20 cm x 30 cm, if the material is thin, it is recommended to cut 2 pieces of the same size of fusible interlining and iron them on the reverse side of the fabric→.

2. 2 pieces of fabric sewn together on both sides with the front facing inward→

3. Separate the two seams and iron them flat, then fold the bag opening into 2 layers and iron the creases, the bag opening is finished.

Bag top making

1. First, cut 2 rectangular pieces of fabric 27 cm x 40 cm wide; then trim the two bottom corners to a rounded shape as shown in the figure below; then cut 4 notches in the mouth of the bag to mark it.

2. Sew the two bottom provinces of the bag, then fold the two folds of the mouth of the bag to fix it, and fix the strap on both sides of the folds with the opposite side facing up; the length of the mouth of the bag after folding the folds should be 30 centimeters→.

3. Sew the edges together after the 2 pieces of covering have been made identical→

Lining Fabric

1. The width and height of the lining are the same as those of the fabric, but since the lining is not pleated, the width of the opening is indented by 5 centimeters at each end, i.e., the length is 30 centimeters→.

Simple Tote bag Tutorial

2. Sew two pieces of lining fabric together, leaving a slit at the bottom→

Attach the fabric, lining, and opening.

1. Nest the 3 layers of lining, opening and fabric together, aligning the sides and edges and fixing them with bead pins.

2. Sew a loop along the edge →

3. Turn the bag over to the front through the lining opening and sew the lining opening closed.

4. Align the straps with the edges of the opening and sew them together with a hand sewing needle.

Simple Tote bag Tutorial

Simple Tote bag Tutorial

Simple Tote bag Tutorial

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