DIY Accordion Coin Wallet

DIY Accordion Coin Wallet

 It’s the perfect cute mini coin purse and wallet to slip inside your main bag. Such a pretty project to sew, and because it’s small, this accordion wallet pattern uses only a small amount of fabric. It’s the ideal scrap-buster pattern and also a nice gift idea to sew for a friend.



1. Cut the required materials according to the paper pattern, the lining can choose spray adhesive auxiliary cotton or fusible interlining, after cutting, iron and paste it on the back of the table cloth →

2. Sew the edge line of the bag opening with the surface fabric and the lining fabric aligned face to face.

3. Turn over, iron the sewn edges flat, then fold the edges together using the corners on the side edges as a folding point →

Lift the lining to the other side→

4. Sew the overlapping edges together, we are going to leave the opening here, so that by sewing the top part of the fabric first, the opening will be left on the lining, and the top part of the fabric will be neater.

5. Fold the other side in the same way, but do not need to be sewn together to temporarily position it with a bead pin.

Turn the lining fabric that has been skimmed to one side over the top and align the edges together to position it.

6. Sew the edges together, leaving a distance of about 5 centimetres from the original sewing position unsewn as a return, and after sewing, cut some teeth on the curved edges→

7. Turn the bag over to the front from the opening, first sew the opening on the lining, then continue with the lining facing outward, with the front and back of the bag facing each other, and pull the side edges to the sides to make creases with an iron.

8. Turn to the side of the tablecloth and iron the pleats on both sides to finalize the shape, and finally pin on the clasp→.

DIY Accordion Coin Wallet

DIY Accordion Coin Wallet

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