DIY Pleated Zippered Pouch

DIY Pleated Zippered Pouch

How to make a Pleated Zipper Pouch. Free PDF Pattern and Tutorial bag.

Finished Size→22cm * 13cm

Pattern Download

1. According to the paper pattern, cut 2 pieces each of table cloth, table cloth auxiliary cotton, lining cloth, lining cloth auxiliary cotton, lining cloth auxiliary cotton preferably with adhesive, easy to produce ~~ table cloth auxiliary cotton without adhesive, auxiliary cotton need not be too thick, delicate type of 120g~150g is almost the same.

In the paper pattern, the table cloth auxiliary cotton and lining auxiliary cotton refers to the auxiliary cotton to be used with the table cloth and lining during the production process, not the auxiliary cotton's proper name.

2. Let's prepare the pleats for the tablecloth by laying the tablecloth on top of the tablecloth auxiliary cotton.

First, align the top and bottom center points and fix them with a bead pin, then pull the two corners of the tablecloth inward and align them with the two corners of the auxiliary cotton and fix them.

3. Fold two pleats on the left and two on the right, facing outward, and secure them with a bead pin.

DIY Pleated Zippered Pouch

Sew a circle along the edge of the sparse sewing, after pleating the shape of the table cloth and auxiliary cotton has been basically the same, if the edge is wider than the auxiliary cotton, trimmed to the same as the auxiliary cotton →

4. Clip in the side handles to secure them, then align the two sides of the tablecloth face to face, secure the edges and sew them together.

5. The lining should be ironed and glued on the reverse side of the auxiliary cotton before sewing, pay attention to the auxiliary cotton and the upper edge of the lining of the fabric aligned with the rest of the edge of the auxiliary cotton against the inner part of a sewing portion of the →

6. Turn out the tablecloth to the front, insert the lining cloth into it, align the edges of the mouth of the bag and sew a circle to fix it.

DIY Pleated Zippered Pouch

7. Cut a strip of piping with a width of approximately 3.2 cm diagonally to hem the mouth of the bag, first fixing the strip to the front of the bag→

DIY Pleated Zippered Pouch

Turn inside out, fold the piping strips over the edges, and sew with a hand-sewing needle →

8. Still on the inside, using hand-stitching method on the edge of the mouth of the bag installed on the zipper, the zipper using 20 cm long just right, the needle should be used back to the needle or half back to the needle, so as to be strong enough, as well as the teeth of the zipper than the edge of the mouth of the bag slightly lower → 

DIY Pleated Zippered Pouch

9. Turn to the front and finish!

DIY Pleated Zippered Pouch

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