DIY Mini Pouch Bag Pattern

DIY Mini Pouch Bag Pattern

DIY Mini Pouch Bag without zipper / Free pattern / sewing tutorial.

A very practical small bag, can be hand-held or hung on a large bag; mouth width of 7cm (inside), the body of the bag 10cm, in addition to put a cell phone, but also can be placed on the digital camera, ipod and so on.

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1. First, introduce the production of the front piece of the bag. With the front piece of paper pattern cutting table cloth, lining, auxiliary cotton each piece, the surface can use the whole cloth, you can also choose their own quilting pattern to make, if it is quilted, the first patchwork out of a square of about 13 cm square, and then according to the paper pattern and then trimmed.

A tulip quilting pattern has been provided in the paper pattern, which can be pieced using the Paper Pattern Piecing (PFP) method. If you want to make a pleated flower like the one below, you can learn how to make a Patchwork Folded Flower (Verbena) first!

The square of fabric used here to make the Verbena flower is 15cm on a side.

There are two triangles at the bottom of the paper pattern, which are used to make the pleats. The surface and lining fabrics only need to be drawn to mark the pleats, while the auxiliary cotton can be cut out of the two triangles to cut down on the thickness.

DIY Mini Pouch Bag Pattern

2. Sew the pleats of the top and lining fabrics. This is done by overlapping the two edges of a pleat and sewing them together.

DIY Mini Pouch Bag Pattern

3. Production of the back piece. The shape of the back piece is rather strange due to the fact that it is attached to the band. To make it easier, we can first lay out the fabrics used for the lining (front side down), the auxiliary cotton, and the top sheet (front side up) in flat yards from bottom to top, and then draw the outline lines on the top sheet using a paper pattern→

Don't be in a hurry to cut, use bead pins around the outline line to hold the 3 layers of material in place, and then sew a circle along the inside of the drawn outline line, the purpose is still to locate, be careful not to sew just on the outline line, so that the line will be cut off when cutting will be a waste of effort.

Now will be 3 layers of material together along the center of the contour line trimmed neatly, this bag we are used to piping, so that 3 layers together to cut the edges of the more neat, and if a layer of first cut and then aligned to be difficult to ensure that the effect of this kind of →

4. The next step is to merge the front and back pieces, remembering to pip the front piece before merging. The piping should be cut diagonally and be about 3 centimeters wide.

DIY Mini Pouch Bag Pattern

Align the nodes of the front and back pieces and sew them together.

DIY Mini Pouch Bag Pattern

5. The entire edge is piped, with the piping strips sewn to one side of the front piece of the bag.

Then turn to the back and fold over the edges, and hand sew using a hidden needlepoint or patchwork stitch →

6. Finally, lock a buttonhole on the strap, and then sew a corresponding buckle on the side of the bag, finished!

DIY Mini Pouch Bag Pattern

DIY Mini Pouch Bag Pattern

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