DIY Foldable Shopping Bag 'Strawberry'

DIY Foldable Shopping Bag 'Strawberry'

FREE PATTERN | Strawberry Drawstring Pouch Bag | Sewing Tutorial

This is a uniquely designed shopping bag that turns into a beautiful strawberry closure pocket by tightening the side strings!

Cut 2 pieces of striped fabric, 1 piece of plaid fabric, and 4 strips of white fabric (the long two are for the bag straps) as shown in the picture below (seam allowance included) →

1. Cut a square of gingham into two triangles on the diagonal; wrap the ends of two 7 x 26 cm strips of white fabric around the edges and fold them in half→

3. Sew the white strips of fabric onto the diagonal edges of each of the two triangular pieces of gingham, taking care to center them.

4. Draw a diagonal line in the lower right-hand corner of the front of the striped fabric as shown in the figure below, and then use this line as a seam allowance to sew the plaid fabric together.

5. Repeat step 4 to sew the other striped fabric to the plaid fabric, but in the lower left-hand corner; after sewing, press a bright line on the front.

The next step is to sew the body of the bag together and attach the straps, which will not be repeated here. After the bag is made, a string is threaded through the front and back diagonal strips of fabric and the bag is finished.

DIY Foldable Shopping Bag 'Strawberry'

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