Fabric Basket Bag Tutorial & Pattern

Fabric Basket Bag Tutorial & Pattern

The shape is not large capacity but not small a small pocket, loaded with some small things should not be a problem!

Finished size → 15cm(W) x 23cm(W) x 20cm(H)

Download PDF Bag Pattern


1. Cut a piece of 27cm long and 50cm wide table cloth, and then cut a piece of the same size of the auxiliary cotton (thin with 2 layers), the table cloth spread on the auxiliary cotton with pins fixed, and then on the top of the compression lines

The purpose of pressing the line is to make the surface fabric and auxiliary cotton blend together, and also to enhance the stiffness of the bag. In this case, we are using pseudo-quilting fabric, so we just need to press a line along the edges of the different prints, but if we are using other fabrics, we need to draw the lines first!

2. Then use our pattern to cut 2 pieces of fabric plus 2 pieces of lining. On top of the lining I added a cell phone pouch, check it out!

Fabric Basket Bag Tutorial & Pattern

3. Begin sewing. With the fabric facing inwards, sew the two outer edges together, leaving the inner edges in place.

4. After that, align the two seam heads at the bottom, so that the inner edges are separated from the two ends of the fold, from end to end sewing, so that the body part of the bag is sewn together; the same way to make the lining fabric→

5. Turn the tablecloth out of the front and insert the lining cloth into it→

Fabric Basket Bag Tutorial & Pattern

6. Align the edges of the bag mouth sparse sewing a circle, if necessary, you can also add a circle of lace, and then cut a strip of piping about 3 cm wide → 

7. Rolling the edge of the pocket →

8. Make a carrying handle. This can be made from ready-made tapes, approximately 30 centimetres in length, with the cut ends edged and treated.

9. Sew the handles to the edges of the bag, either in the center of the side seams, or one by one, like I did. Finally, sew a buckle or magnetic closure in the center of the bag opening, and embellish the bag with some small decorations.

Fabric Basket Bag Tutorial & Pattern

Fabric Basket Bag Tutorial & Pattern

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