Clasp Coin Purse Tutorial

Clasp Coin Purse Tutorial

How to sew a coin purse with a sew-in purse frame. Framed Coin Purse Tutorial


The sample contains 4 models of 6.5cm, 7.5cm, 8.5cm and 10.5cm!

1. Select the paper pattern according to the model of the purse, and then cut the required fabric, lining and cotton.

2. Attach the corresponding auxiliary cotton to the back of each sheet, then sew the two shapes of the fabric together on one edge (two pairs should be sewn on the same side), and after sewing, trim off the seams of the auxiliary cotton, so as to cut down the thickness→.

3. The two pairs of sewn pairs are then sewn together with the front faces facing inwards as shown in the figure below, and the seams of the auxiliary cotton are trimmed off after the seams have been completed.

4. Turn to the front, reverse the seam allowance to the center area, and press a bright line with a hand sewing needle on the two side edges of the center.

5. Completed picture of the bottom of the bag →

Clasp Coin Purse Tutorial

6. Sew the 4 pieces of lining together, leaving a slit in one of the seams.

7. Nest the lining and the surface fabric together on the front, sew a circle around the edge of the mouth of the bag, narrow the seam after sewing (about 0.3 cm), then turn the bag over to the front from the lining back to the front and sew the back to the front.

1. Before mounting, a bright line can be searched along the edge of the mouth about 0.5 cm, which not only makes the inner and outer layers of the mouth fit better, but also serves as a guide when nailing the perforated metal; then, mark the center of the mouth at the front and back, as well as the two side edges→.

Clasp Coin Purse Tutorial

2. Open the mouth of the bag, align the center eyelet of one side with the middle point of one side of the bag, and pass a bead needle through it to fix it.

Clasp Coin Purse Tutorial

3. Sewing the purse with a backstitch, here we choose to start from the side, first of all, the axis point of the purse aligned with the side of the bag point, in the second eyelet of the back of the needle through the front

4. Back up one stitch on the front side, return to the first eyelet and insert the needle→

5. Then go through the third eyelet on the back to the front, then back one stitch through the second eyelet to the back, and so on, back one stitch on the front and two stitches on the back from one end to the other.

6. When sewing to one side of the mouth to sew the other side, do not need to cut the thread, but also can not directly let the needle and thread across to the other side, but let the needle and thread into the two layers of fabric, to the other side of the almost the same position and then through the sewing, to sew the other side of the same way!

Clasp Coin Purse Tutorial

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