DIY Tulip Bag Tote Tutorial

DIY Tulip Bag Tote Tutorial

The shape of this bag looks simple, but in fact there is a hidden mystery, the paper pattern at first glance will make a lot of people confused. For this reason, a mini version of the bag as an example, to introduce the process of its production, the above picture of the bag, the height of only 14 centimeters, however, the model in the paper pattern is a practical large size.
Download the paper pattern →

DOWNLOAD Tulip bag pattern (PDF)

1. The first special feature of this bag is that the two pieces of fabric are facing in the same direction, rather than symmetrically like most bags, which requires special attention when cutting. The lining is facing the opposite direction of the fabric. The picture below shows two pieces of fabric, both facing up.

2. To explain this strange pattern again, the complete shape of the bag should be outlined by the bright lines as shown in the picture below, but the fabric cut from the paper pattern is missing a part on the left side, while the right side has an extra part. Here's the magic, the extra part will be patched on the missing corner of another piece of fabric, the two pieces of fabric interlock and complement each other, will form a complete bag front and back → 

3. When sewing, first sew the straight line between AF on one piece of fabric and the BC line on the other piece.

The FC side can be sewn to the edge, while the AB side should be sewn right up to the point of backstitching, leaving a seam width at the edge.

4. After sewing the other two AF, BC together →

5. After the two edges are connected and sewn together, the normal shape of the bag will appear, and the bottom edge should not be sewn together first.

6. Use the same method to sew the lining; then make the strap, this bag can be made into a handbag or shoulder bag, according to the need to adjust the length of the strap by themselves→

7. Attach the two straps to the edge of the mouth of the bag.

DIY Tulip Bag Tote Tutorial

8. Sew the edges of the fabric and lining of the overlock; the sewing process should be done in two steps, starting from the two A points to the B point, and not directly across the seam between AB→.

9. After the inner and outer layers of the mouth of the package is connected, then press the line, first of all, the two pieces of fabric on the two seams press line, the line is pressed on the side of the block, the bottom to reach the edge of the upper slightly across the intersection of the point, pay attention to the line not together with the fabric together with the pressure →

Next, you need to press the line on the edge of the bag opening, and now you need to press it together with the lining, starting just at the point where it meets the line pressed on the seam in front of it, and pressing it down to the seam on the other side until the line is pressed down, which is also done in two steps.

DIY Tulip Bag Tote Tutorial

10. Turn the bag inside out and sew the bottom edges of the inner and outer layers together, leaving an opening in the center of the bottom edge of the lining.

11. Sew the two bottom corners of the fabric and the lining separately.

12. Finally, turn the bag over to the front and sew the opening in the lining; iron the edges as appropriate; sew the grommets and buttons in the middle of the opening.

DIY Tulip Bag Tote Tutorial

DIY Tulip Bag Tote Tutorial

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