Organizer with pockets tutorial

Органайзер с карманами. Wall organizer with pockets
When there are children in the house, there are always many scattered little things. An organizer with many pockets will be relevant. Using tapes, it can be tied to a crib or cabinet door.

Wall organizer with pockets

Based on the purpose of the organizer, you can determine how many and what size the pockets will be.

You will need:

- cotton fabric

- satin ribbon

- synthetic winterizer

- threads

Органайзер с карманами
1. Cut out two rectangles 38x52 cm in size from the fabric (base details) and two 19x60 cm two rectangles (pocket details).

2. To process one of the long sections of the details of the pockets with a seam and hem with a closed section.

3. Next, from each part to form two pockets. To retreat 3 cm from the edges and lay two oncoming folds 1 cm deep at a distance of 14 cm.

4. Total we got four pockets. Along the folds of each pocket from the side of the processed sections, lay fixing stitches-fasteners with a depth of 1.5 cm.

Органайзер с карманами

5. To put the first two pockets with the wrong side on the front side of one of the parts of the base, departing from the bottom cut of the base 3 cm and combining the side cuts. By analogy, put the remaining two pockets on the base, backing 6 cm from the first pockets. Lock them on the basis of temporary marking stitch or pins.

6. Connect the pockets and base with machine stitching. Stitch the satin ribbon at the junction of the parts. Between adjacent pockets, lay a separating line with a length equal to the height of the pockets.

7. Cut out a 38x52 cm rectangle from the synthetic winterizer. Fold the details of the base with the front sides, laying a synthetic winterizer between them. Insert satin ribbons for ties. Lay a line around the perimeter, leaving room for twisting. Unscrew, manually sew the edges of the open area with hidden stitches.
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