How to make a children's cap.

Как сделать детский колпак. Children's cap
These bright hats will be a great decoration for a children's party.

Decide on the main color scheme of the holiday in advance and select fabrics for caps under it.


- thick paper 30 x 30 cm

- fabric for frills

- threads

- elastic color matching

- scissors

- stapler

- ruler

- pencil

Как сделать детский колпак. Children's cap

1. On a sheet of colored paper using a ruler and a pencil, mark several points at a distance of 25 cm from one of the corners so that an arc forms. Draw and cut along this line (photo 1).

2. For each hat, prepare strips of fabrics of contrasting colors measuring 5 x 86 cm and 5 x 15 cm.

3. Pull both strips with a “collecting” stitch, using yarn in the color of the fabric.

4. Stitch the gathered strips of fabric on the top and bottom of the main pattern, using threads in tone (photo 2).

5. Fold the cone and connect the edges with a stapler in several places. Attach an elastic band that is suitable for length and color from the inside. Using the same principle, make the rest of the caps.

Как сделать детский колпак. Children's cap

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