We knit a shawl with our hands. Arm Knitting Tutorial

Вяжем шаль руками. Shawl  Arm Knitting
The technique of hand knitting (in English - Arm Knitting) is unique. In order to do a beautiful thing, you need nothing but balls of yarn!
This shawl has many options for wearing: you can just cover your shoulders with it, wrap it around your neck, wear it on a waistcoat, passing your hands from the sides, or even like a tunic over a thin sundress.

For those who do not know how to knit.


To knit this shawl, take the thickest natural yarn and fold the thread 3-5 times to get the desired thickness.


- 1 kg of yarn

- hook

Вяжем шаль руками. Shawl  Arm Knitting

1. Use thick plain yarn in your work. To begin, create the first loop by tying a neat knot (photo 1).

2. Type in the classical way 20 loops on one arm (photo 2–4).

3. Now tighten all the loops evenly (photo 5, 6).

Вяжем шаль руками. Shawl  Arm Knitting

4. Knit the first row with facial loops, pulling the thread into the loop with your free hand (photo 7).

5. Next, remove the first loop with your fingers (photo 8).

6. Knit the last loop from the inside to make a straight edge (photo 9).

Knit the last loop. Knit the last loop on the wrong one, to get the wrong one, so that you get a flat edge.

Вяжем шаль руками. Shawl  Arm Knitting

7. Knit all subsequent rows with facial loops (photo 10).

8. Tighten all loops with equal tension (photo 11).

9. Close the canvas in the usual way: extend the current loop to the previous one. You can also close the canvas with a thick hook (photo 12).

Вяжем шаль руками. Shawl  Arm Knitting

By the way

You can use large wooden knitting needles or a hook to create additional effects.
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