Bag of scarf tutorial

Bag of scarf tutorial
This charming summer transformer bag is called a sumashika and is made of a dense shawl. A pair of knots and a stylish accessory is ready!


- double-sided fabric measuring 150 x 150 cm

- two rings

- bag organizer

1. Place the bag organizer diagonally in the center of the fabric. The fabric should lie face down.

2. Thread the two ends of the fabric through the loop of the organizer.

Bag of scarf tutorial

3. Pull out these two ends so that the organizer is tightly wrapped around the fabric.

4. Place your hand in the space between the fabric and the organizer (under the organizer loops) and grab the end of the fabric while holding the fabric with the other hand at the very loop of the organizer.

Bag of scarf tutorial

5. Insert the same end into the resulting fabric loop, closing the organizer loop on top. Securely tighten by tightening the assembly.

6. Do the same with the second end, making sure that they are the same length.

Bag of scarf tutorial

7. Put the ringlet over the remaining two ends of the fabric and pull them down to the organizer. Tie the ends at a height convenient for you.

In this way, you can adjust the length of the handle. The knot should be such that the ends look on the sides of the bag.

Bag of scarf tutorial


Position the fabric so that its plain side is on the front side of the finished bag, and the floral print side is inside the bag.

This is ideal for this model.
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