Apron Gardener's dream tutorial

Фартук с карманом для садовых работ. Apron
With a slight movement, this bright apron turns into a “basket” for harvesting.


- apron fabric 125 x 125 cm

- paper for a pattern

- cotton braid 4 x 90 cm

- threads

- sewing machine

- grommet installer

- eyelets

- tailor's chalk

Фартук с карманом для садовых работ. Apron

1. Lay the pattern on the double apron cloth. Move the pattern, not forgetting the allowances for the seams, and cut it out (photo 1). Iron all parts of the apron properly.

2. Bend the bottom edge of the main part and iron it. Make holes on the sides and fix the grommets (metal rings) using the grommet installer (photo 2).

Фартук с карманом для садовых работ. Apron

3. Now sew the bottom edge on the sewing machine, pre-stitching the braid (photo 3). The ends of the braid must be immediately threaded into the eyelets and pulled out.

4. Sew the belt and ties to the apron from the wrong side with a simple seam (photo 4). Iron the apron.

5. The apron is ready. Now, in order to be able to put something in the front pocket, just pull the braid and fix it on the sides, tying neat bows (photo 5).

Use a spacious pocket for storing garden gloves and small tools such as a pruner.
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