How to Make a Sun Hat

How to Make a Sun Hat

Simple 6-piece sun hat, many students know how to do at a glance, the most important thing is the paper pattern, the following special to provide you with 7 models of paper samples, from 39cm ~ 55cm, I believe that we can find the right for your baby ~~!

 Download Sun Hat Pattern



1. According to the paper pattern, cut 6 pieces of fabric and 6 pieces of lining fabric, and prepare two ties and some lace.

2. Before sewing, we have to mark the top sharp corner of each piece of the hat leaf, where the top corner of the dotted line of the paper pattern corresponds to. It is a good idea to use an awl to make the mark. You can fold several layers of fabric together and line them up with the paper pattern, and put the awl through them in one pass, so that each piece of fabric is left with a small hole in it.

3. Take two of the hat leaves and align them face to face, sew (with backstitch reinforcement) one of the side edges from the marking point at the top corner, and then take out the other two and sew them in the same way.

4. Spread out the two sewn cap leaves, take one cap leaf and lay it on top to align the top corner marking point, and start sewing from there.

5. 6 cap leaves sewn into 2 groups→

The two groups are then sewn together using the same method as before →

How to Make a Sun Hat

The lining is sewn in the same way, but don't forget to add two ties to two of the opposing side seams and then sew them together, the positions of the ties are marked on the pattern.

6. Open each seam of the hat, if it is cotton, then use your fingernail to scrape it, and some other cloths that are not easy to "flatten" should be pressed with an iron.

How to Make a Sun Hat

7. On the front of the hat along the edge of the hat leaf seam pressure line, pressure line can be from a piece of the hat leaf left brim pressure to the top, and then from the top along the right side of the return, so that a piece of the pressure → 

As for the lining of the cap, you can be lazy and use a "Z" stitch to press the thread along the center of the seams, and then finish the left and right sides at once.

8. In the brim edge on a circle of lace, appropriate to the lace with some small pleats, otherwise the finished lace will not be stretched to the bottom cover →

9. Place the inner and outer layers of the hat on the front of the front aligned edges, using the surface fabric as the working surface, and sewing right next to the inner side of the lace seam that has just been installed, don't forget to leave an opening of about 5 cm as a return, and when finished, cut open some teeth on the sewing portion→

How to Make a Sun Hat

10. Turn the cap inside out through the opening and close the opening with a hand-stitch.

11. Finally, press a loop of thread along the brim of the hat.

Tips →

For slightly older babies, a heavier canvas or denim for a tablecloth hat would be more stylish~

How to Make a Sun Hat

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