DIY Baby Booties Free Pattern

DIY Baby Booties Free Pattern

Fuzzy little cotton boots for pre-walker babies, here I provide you with 3 models of 10, 11, 12 cm paper patterns, and the length of the soles corresponding to the models, before you make them, measure the length of your baby's feet and then choose the right model. The paper pattern doesn't include the sewing part, don't forget to add your own when cutting.

Baby booties Download Pattern


How to make a baby bootie

1. Cut the material for the booties according to the pattern. Below are the materials for one boot - 1 pair of uppers, 1 pair of liners, the outer and inner layers of the soles, 2 pieces of fleece 5 cm in diameter, and a 50 cm strap. Instead of using the same fabric as the uppers, a non-slip plasticized fabric for the outer layer of the soles is a good choice.

DIY Baby Booties Free Pattern

2. Make the pom-pom. Using a sewing needle, make a loop of about 1 cm along the inside of the circle of plush fabric, fold the seam allowance inward and tighten the thread slightly, tie a knot at the end of the tie and tuck it into the pom-pom, tighten the thread thoroughly again, tie the knot and cut the thread. Make a pom-pom for each end of the lanyard.

3. Align the two boot sides facing each other and sew the front and back seams together. Before sewing the back seams together, fold the laces in half and pin them to the heel, and backstitch to secure the seams.

4. Sew the sole of the boot. Align the front and back midpoints of the soles with the front and back seams of the boot uppers and sew them together.

5. Sew the lining of the boot in the same way, except that a distance of about 5 centimetres is left unsewn at the heel as a return.

6. Sew the upper edges of the upper and lining of the boot together, then turn the boot inside out through the opening and sew the opening closed.

Now, the boots are done. The boot shaft can be folded over. The two laces can be wrapped around the front and tied in a knot to weave them off.

DIY Baby Booties Free Pattern

DIY Baby Booties Free Pattern

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