DIY Santa’s Sack Gift Bag

DIY Santa’s Sack Gift Bag
Christmas Santa Sack Free Tutorial. It only took an hour to make a bunch…and they ended up costing less than $1.00 a bag!!!  Ladies that is cheaper than a dollar store gift bag!  So the only way you will know is if you make them.


    Red velvet material
    White cord
    Invisible thread for gathering the bottom (you could use regular, but invisible is stronger)
    Sewing materials

Cut a piece from your fabric measuring 24 inches by 17 inches.  This can easily be altered to fit your needs, this just worked for me.

Fold in half, right sides in, with the short ends together.  Pin and sew with a ½ inch seam.  Leave wrong side out, fold one end over about 4-5 inches as shown above.

Sew around the perimeter, starting where the picture indicates with a ½ inch seam.  Don’t forget to back stitch.

Take your invisible thread and needle, starting by the side seam with the wrong side still out, pull the thread through once and make a good strong knot about 1 inch in.

Now make a 1 inch stitch along the bottom remaining 1 inch from the edge as shown.

Once you have stitched all the way around, gather the fabric so it looks like the picture leaving thread and needle in place for the next step.

Now sew through the center of the gather a few times to make sure it is snug.  Finish with a good knot.

Turn right side out, and the bottom should look like this.

DIY Santa’s Sack Gift Bag

Now take scissors and fold the top of the sack over two inches (you want the cord to be half way down the top hem) and cut a small slit every few inches.  Make sure you cut an even number.  I had eight.  Thread your cord through start from the outside, finish pulling through from the inside.  Just a tip tie a knot in the cord before you cut it so it doesn’t unravel.  Your Done!

DIY Santa’s Sack Gift Bag

I am going to put some peanuts in the bottom of mine to fill out the bottom then fill them with goodies for the neighbors.  Won’t they look good sitting on someone’s front porch.  Plus they can be reused.  Now what goodies to put in them?  Do you have a cute thing you are giving your neighbors with a cute saying? 

DIY Santa’s Sack Gift Bag

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