We draw on sneakers. tutorial

Рисуем на кедах.  Drawing on sneakers
It's great to walk on a clear day, to lie in the fragrant grass and watch the magnificent clouds floating in the sky. In these bright sneakers, your baby's walks will become even more fun.


You can take the finished image or draw something funny yourself. Or even use the drawings of your own children - they will be delighted!

Use for painting paints and markers on textiles. They have a special formula, so that the picture does not fade and does not erase.

1. Select a pattern and determine how it will fit on the product.

2. Using a simple pencil, draw a sketch of the future drawing on the side of the shoe (photo 1).

3. Using a thin round synthetic brush, apply white acrylic paint inside the pencil contour and leave to dry for 30 minutes (photo 2). Instead of paint, you can use acrylic primer.

4. Fill the fragments of the picture with the necessary colors, mixing them on the palette and diluting with water if necessary (photo 3).

Рисуем на кедах.  Drawing on sneakers

5. Arrange the flare with white paint, and with the yellow one, make the core of the flowers and finish the picture (photo 4).

6. After the paint is completely dry, draw a thin fabric marker around the outline. With it, you can better draw details or correct small errors (photo 5).

Instead of a marker, you can use a fabric contour. Done!
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