Backpack Sumashiki.Bag transformer Tutorial

Рюкзак сумашики. Backpack sumashiki


- double-sided fabric measuring 150 x 150 cm

- organizer

- two rings

1. Place the organizer in the center of the fabric diagonally (photo 1).

2. Thread the appropriate ends of the fabric through the side loops of the organizer. Pull these two ends so that the organizer is tightly clasped with a cloth (photo 2).

3. Slip two little rings on two ends at once. Rings should be about 8–9 cm in diameter for double-sided fabric and 6–7 cm if fabric is single-sided (photo 3).

4. Lower the rings to the organizer (photo 4).

Рюкзак сумашики. Backpack sumashiki

5. Having extended the lower ringlet, pass both ends of the fabric into the gap formed between the rings (photo 5).

6. Take one of the ends and twist it. Next, take one of the corresponding free ends on the side of the organizer and twist it in the same direction as the first. Tie a knot (photo 6).

7. Make a knot at such a height that the resulting shoulder straps are comfortable for you (photo 7).

8. Do the same on the other side of the backpack. Done!
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