We sew a bear. Pattern and step by step tutorial

Шьем мишку. How to sew a toy-bear
The charm itself. Any girl will be glad of such a toy. Due to its small size, she will be able to take a bear with her for a walk or to the garden. It is very easy to stitch it using our pattern and step-by-step description.

How to sew a toy-bear


- fabric for a bear with a pile

- needle with thread

- a pair of eyes

- padding pad for stuffing

- fabric for the face (bodily)

- scissors

- buttons

- pins

Шьем мишку. How to sew a toy-bear

Шьем мишку. How to sew a toy-bear

1. Transfer the patterns to the wrong side of the fabric, circle and cut. Sew the details (photo 1).

2. Sew the button eyes to the bear by making a small hole in the fabric for them. Turn out all the details on the front side, fill with padding polyester and sew the holes for stuffing (photo 2).

3. Sew the parts in a blind seam. Sew a muzzle from body tissue and embroider a nose with dark thread on it. Sew decorative buttons on the legs of the bear (photo 3).

Шьем мишку. How to sew a toy-bear

Children love to wear toys in different outfits. When you sew this beauty, she will definitely need at least two summer dresses!
To create doll outfits, use trimmed children's dresses, home textiles, pieces of lace, mesh, ribbons, beads, beads, etc.


- cotton fabric

- thread with a needle

- tailor's chalk

- paper for a pattern

Шьем мишку

1. Copy the pattern onto the paper and transfer it to the wrong side of the fabric. Leave seam allowances and cut parts. Sew the parts at the shoulder joint (photo 1).

2. Iron the parts and hem the side at the neck (photo 2).

3. Sew on the collar with small stitches. Since the details are very small, try to minimize the stitch length (photo 3).

4. Sew the sides from the inside, leaving room for an armhole (photo 4).

Шьем мишку

Sew the dress on the back. Once again, iron and twist to the front side. Dress is done!

If you want to complicate the model a bit, sew a narrow elastic band around your waist. With her dress will look even more original!

Шьем мишку. How to sew a toy-bear

Sew or tie a scarf to each dress and take the dress a scarf and pick a suitable color.
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