We sew a bear. Pattern and step by step tutorial

Шьем мишку. How to sew a toy-bear
The charm itself. Any girl will be glad of such a toy. Due to its small size, she will be able to take a bear with her for a walk or to the garden. It is very easy to stitch it using our pattern and step-by-step description.

How to make a children's cap.

Как сделать детский колпак. Children's cap
These bright hats will be a great decoration for a children's party.

Decide on the main color scheme of the holiday in advance and select fabrics for caps under it.

We draw on sneakers. tutorial

Рисуем на кедах.  Drawing on sneakers
It's great to walk on a clear day, to lie in the fragrant grass and watch the magnificent clouds floating in the sky. In these bright sneakers, your baby's walks will become even more fun.

We knit a shawl with our hands. Arm Knitting Tutorial

Вяжем шаль руками. Shawl  Arm Knitting
The technique of hand knitting (in English - Arm Knitting) is unique. In order to do a beautiful thing, you need nothing but balls of yarn!
This shawl has many options for wearing: you can just cover your shoulders with it, wrap it around your neck, wear it on a waistcoat, passing your hands from the sides, or even like a tunic over a thin sundress.

Backpack Sumashiki.Bag transformer Tutorial

Рюкзак сумашики. Backpack sumashiki


- double-sided fabric measuring 150 x 150 cm

- organizer

- two rings

Bag of scarf tutorial

Bag of scarf tutorial
This charming summer transformer bag is called a sumashika and is made of a dense shawl. A pair of knots and a stylish accessory is ready!

How to Make Patchwork Clutch Bag. Tutorial

Patchwork Clutch
With summer set for a seventies’ fashion revival this fab bag uses up the best of your fabric stash and accessorises denim or suede perfectly!

Elephantastic! How to Sew an Elephant? Tutorial

How to make the elephants
Once you get the hang of it, these elephants are super-easy to create and make the most amazing home decoration!