Fractangle Quilt Block Pattern

Fractangle Quilt Block Pattern

I was interested in the interplay between half square triangles and half rectangle triangles. I sat down with some graph paper and came up with this.

The units are easily constructed and the possible variations are exciting! You can go real simple and modern with solids, or super scrappy with every triangle being a different print. The negative space is still strong enough to create a general shape and guide the eye around the block.

The cutting instructions and some coloring pages are all in the attached PDF at the bottom of the post. Basic directions for constructing the half rectangle triangles are on the website:

"Half Rectangle Triangle Tutorial"

 The best thing about HRT’s is they make you appreciate HST’s! The hardest part is squaring them up, so I’ve made a video to help with that.


 I really hope you can join me in making a few. Make one to use up some scraps and think of it as a skill builder. Or use some favorite fabrics and turn it into a pillow. Maybe you’ll be crazy like me and go all out to make a whole quilt!

Fractangle Quilt Block Pattern

How great is this block?! Along with the pattern pdf, Lindsey also included a couple of coloring pages so you can play with color and pattern placement before you start cutting! 


Download PDF:  FRACTANGLE BLOCK fractangle coloring pages

Fractangle Quilt Block Pattern

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