DIY Simple Fabric Basket Tutorial

DIY Simple Fabric Basket Tutorial

Easy to Sew Fabric Bin Free Sewing Tutorial. Organize in Style with DIY Fabric Bins

You'll need to print out the template for the circular base here:

Download Tissue Bin base 

To store those Clean & Dirty hankies!


Exterior Fabric
Interior Fabric
Padded Interfacing (I used Thermolam-Plus by Pellon)

Start with your interior fabrics, we will contruct the inside of the bin first. Lay the rectangle onto the circle - right sides facing each other. You may start at any point on the circle. Pin the rectangle 1/4" in and start sewing there - do not sew down the 1/4" seam allowance. 

Take your pieces to the machine and carefully sew around the entire circle, adjusting the rectangle slowly as you go along. This is a great time to use a bamboo or plastic pointer. You can use the tip to help guide your fabric and prevent puckers. There is no need to stretch and pull the fabric as you sew, you will have plenty of fabric to make it around the circle.

Finish stitching where you began, making sure to pull back the 1/4" seam allowance so you don't sew it down. 

Now you will notice that there is plenty extra fabric left over. Line the edges up, pin and sew it closed - leaving 2-3 inches open in the middle of the seam so you can flip it later. Trim off the extra fabric. Ok, we're done with the interior. Set this aside and lets move onto the exterior.

I like to cut my interfacing larger than the actual size. Lay your exterior fabric onto the interfacing, pin it down and then baste around the edges. This will keep your fabrics together while you embroider. 

Trim the edges off. *Optional* I like to leave the side edges untrimmed so I can use the extra space to stagger my embroidery. This will only be helpful if you are using your alphabet stitches on your sewing machine.

Embroider your design, or whatevery you fancy! Remember that you will have some excess fabric at the end, just like the interior. Therefore, you will want to keep this in mind when centering your design. 

Pin and baste the edges of the circular base to your interfacing. Trim the edges. 

Sew the rectangular sides to the circular base in the same way as the interior - except - sew the entire side closed. Trim the extra fabric. 

Flip so that the right side is out. 


DIY Simple Fabric Basket Tutorial

Slide the pieces together so that right sides are facing each other. You'll notice that my pieces didn't turn out the same size here. That's because I accidentally sewed one base with my needle in the wrong position. These little changes really matter! So, remember to keep your needle at the same setting when you sew your seams.

Pin the edges and sew - removing the pins as you go around. 

Pull the exterior through the little hole you left. Sew the opening closed. 

DIY Simple Fabric Basket Tutorial

Arrange the interior/exterior pieces so they fit nicely and sew around the top edge. Iron. I like to use a ham to iron tricky spots like this.

DIY Simple Fabric Basket Tutorial

Much nicer than that tissue box, right? More work though, that's for sure. Remember, you'll have to repeat this process again to make two tissue bins. 

DIY Simple Fabric Basket Tutorial

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