Quilted Laptop Bag Tutorial

Quilted Laptop Bag Tutorial

Okay, it was time for me to have a new laptop bag and I wanted to try something different. Nothing like the usual bag and since it is a laptop it needs to be quite padded so I decided to make a quilted laptop bag!

Finished size of this bag is 16″x 12″ big enough to fit a 14″x 10″ laptop. The size can vary based on your laptop.

Quilted Laptop Bag Tutorial


    Main fabric 1/2 yard
    Lining fabric 1/2 yard
    Contrast fabric 1/4 yard
    Scraps of fabric for the front
    Zipper 18″



Cut out the following pieces of fabric and name them accordingly:

    A= 18″x 14″ (from main fabric for the back side)
    B= 18″x 14″ (Cut two from the lining fabric)
    C= 8″x 5″ (Pocket)
    D= 8″x 3″ (Pocket flap)
    E= 3″x 15″ (Zipper cover)
    G= 41″x 4″ (For the strap)
    H= 18″x 9″ (Back pocket)

Make the front of the bag:

First cut out 30 pieces of rectangles measuring 9″x 1.5″ from different scraps of fabric.

Arrange them in the way you prefer into two columns. Each column should have 15 rectangles. Take a picture after arrangement to refer to while sewing.

Sew all the 15 strips together. Press.

After you’re done, sew the two column of strips together from the middle, and then sew in the quilt at the back using the quilt as you go technique.

Make the pockets:

Take the two C pieces, with right sides facing each other sew all around, leaving a gap to turn the right side out. Clip the corners and turn the right side out, press and edge stitch.

Take the two D pieces and repeat the same step.

Next, pin the pieces in place and sew all around.

Attach the quilt to the lining fabrics.
Add the zipper:

Next, prepare your zipper. Next, take your E pieces, fold from the center and press, next, fold the outer edges towards the center and press. Place the folded edge on to the zipper and sew as shown.

Next, place the zipper on top of the lining and sew as represented by the dotted lines. Repeat with the other side.

After finishing the zipper, place the two fabrics on top of each other and sew from 3 sides. Make sure you leave a small gap at the bottom to turn the right side out after everything is done.
Make the back of the bag:

Using the quilt as you go technique sew in the quilt at the back of the main fabric as shown.

Take your H piece and fold in the edges as shown.

Next, pin it onto the main fabric so that the wrong side of the pocket faces the right side of the main fabric.

Now sew the two main sides together from all three sides, leaving the top open.
Make the straps:

Using your strap fabric make the straps of the bag.

Assemble the bag:

Next pin the strap onto the opposite side of the main fabric as shown by the red arrows. The strap should be pinned on the right side.

Quilted Laptop Bag Tutorial

Next, insert the lining into the main bag so that the right sides are facing each other, pin and sew from all sides.

Remember the small gap you left while sewing the lining? Turn the right side out through that gap, press and edge stitch as shown.

Quilted Laptop Bag Tutorial

Congratulate yourself! You’re done. Now you have a comfy, super cute laptop bag. :D:D

Quilted Laptop Bag Tutorial

Quilted Laptop Bag Tutorial

Quilted Laptop Bag Tutorial

Quilted Laptop Bag Tutorial

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