Simple DIY Coin Purse Tutorial

  In this short tutorial, I’ll teach you a few simple steps to make a coin purse. Then, you can apply this tutorial to a larger clutch, a fold over clutch, or anything else you can imagine!

 Let’s get started!

Cotton fabrics work best for this project. I recommend using fun calico prints, or light weight denim, leather, or suede.

TIP: Use fusible interfacing (pressed to body of bag) for a sturdy look and feel.

Supplies and notions:

7” Zipper
Two -- 8” X 5” Lining Fabric
Two -- 8” X  3.5” Self (body) Fabric
Two -- 8” X 1.5” Contrast Fabric
Two -- 3” X 1.15” Self Fabric

Step 1
Sew self contrast fabric to body fabric.
Placing right sides together, stitch using 1/4” seam allowances.
Press as sewn and then press seam open. Depending on your fabric, you may want to press toward body or contrast fabric. If using leather, you may not press at all.
TIP: Top stitching will give your coin purse a professional look!

Step 2 (optional)

Fold zipper tab in half and press. Then fold each half in half, towards center and press. (See illustration)
Sandwich one tab over the end of the zipper, pin and stitch. Repeat with other side of zip.
TIP: Make sure to unzip the pull tab just a bit before stitching.

Step 3
Layer lining, zipper, and body fabric a top one another in the following order; Lining face up, zipper face up, and body face down. Pin and stitch. Make sure to stitch close to the zipper teeth, but not to close that the zipper no longer functions.
TIP: Use a zipper foot so you can stitch close to zipper teeth.  TIP: Do not stitch all the way to the edge. Leave approx. 1/4” on both sides.

Step 4
If desired, under stitch lining to zipper or top stitch lining and body in place. If you choose to follow this step, first press everything into place and make sure not to stitch all the way to the edge. Leave approx. 1/2”-3/4” for later sewing.

Step 5
Repeat Step 3 + 4 with other side of zip, body, and lining fabrics. 

Step 6
Bring right sides of body fabric together and right sides of lining fabric together. Stitch around the circumference of the coin purse, leaving approx. a 3” to 4” opening at the center of the lining for turning.
TIP: You will need to fold over the zipper tabs. I prefer to fold mine towards the lining side. Trim zipper tabs and clip corners as needed.

Step 7

Reach in through the opening in lining to turn the bag right side out.
TIP: Use a point turner, push out corners of bag and lining.
Press the open edges of the lining inward (equal to seam allowance 1/4”) and hand stitch or top stitch closed.

Simple DIY Coin Purse Tutorial

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