Sewing Kit Organizer Tutorial

 Tutorial: Make a travel sewing kit wallet

What you'll need:

For the body:
9 strips of fabric1.5" wide or 1 piece of fabric 10.5" x 7.5"
1 piece of contrast fabric 10.5" x 7.5" (for lining)
1 piece of batting about 12" x 9"

For the pockets:
2 pieces of fabric 3.5" x 7.5" (I just used more of my lining fabric)
1 piece of fabric 3 3/4" x 5"  (your choice of colour)

Needle book:
2 pieces of fabric 3" x 4" (I used a scrap piece from my front panel)
1 piece of felt 3.5" x 2.5"

about 40" of binding.
a piece of elastic. I've used a new hair tie
a contrasting button.

Please dont be alarmed at all those numbers. These are the most numbers you'll see for the rest of the post. I promise. These are the fabrics I've chosen to create my "rainbow" front panel. If you don't want this style or effect by all means skip to step 2.

Step 1.  Sew all your strips together and press.

Trim your panel to measure 10.5" x 7.5".
Tip: Square your ruler from a seam not from the edge of the fabric. This will guarantee that your seams are vertical and not wonky.

This is what you should have at this point. (Unless your using one piece of fabric in which case you'r ready for step 2)

Step 2. Place your panel on your batting and smooth out. I haven't basted this but if your more comfortable basting go for it. Quilt the 2 layers as you choose. I've gone with a wave line in a matching thread to keep the focus on the fabric. Trim the batting to the fabric.

Step 3. Now its time to create the inside pockets. Hem the 7.5" side of your 2 pieces. I just press the edge over twice at 1/2" each fold then stitch. finished measurement is 2.5" x 7.5"

Place one piece of pocket over each end as pictured. On one side I've made 2 pockets by stitching a line in the centre of the panel only to the edge of the hem. It's really up to you how many pockets you would like to make.

For the other side I'm putting in 4 pockets for smaller things like scissors and an seem ripper. To get the 4 pockets I ironed my piece of fabric in half and then half again. (as shown below)
Tip: Double back on the hem edge for durability.

Step 4. For the centre pocket you'll need your contrasting piece of fabric that measures 3 3/4" x 5".
Hem the 5" sides with one fold and stitch just the top edge only.

You'll need to press a pleat on either side. (Image 1) Pin the pocket in position on your lining centred between your pockets. (Image 2) Stitch the sides down (Image 3) and then lastly the bottom. (Image 4)
This gives you a pleated pocket perfect for your thimble or a large spool of thread.

Step 5. Last component of the sewing kit is the needle book. I picked out 2 pieces of fabric at 3" x 4". With right sides facing, sew all the way around with a 1/4" seem, leaving about an inch open to turn right side out.  Clip the corners and then turn right side out. Press.

Your flap and felt pieces should fit together as pictured here. With the top piece just covering the felt. Any adjustments to the felt sizing should be fixed here.

 Step 6. Sew the felt piece into position by sewing as close to the edge as you can all the way around.

Then place your flap piece with the open end on top. Stitch this in place, only on the top, the same way as the felt. This is what you should end up with.

Step 6. Before you add the binding you need to add the elastic loop for your button to create a closer. Attach as pictured below on what will be the back of your kit.  You'll want to backstitch over this. I've done it oh... about 5 times just to be safe. Now your front and back pieces are done. It's time to join the whole thing together with your binding. Head over HERE for an awesome tute if your not sure how this is done.

Absolute last step is to add your button and your done.

This is what you should have...

and fully loaded. The large pocket is perfect for my thimble although a spool of thread also fits and those 2 side pockets fit my hexies perfectly. ;)

It's completely up to you how you use this in the end. 

Sewing Kit Organizer Tutorial

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