DIY Fan Coin Purse Tutorial

DIY Fan Coin Purse Tutorial
 In this tutorial I will show you step by step how to sew a coin purse decorated with stitchings to create a fan effect with an oriental chic look!


Two half-circles of thick canvas fabric (diameter 12 cm)
Two half-circles of the same size of thick interfacing
Zipper 10 cm
Colored threads of your choice and embroidery threads
Rule and marking chalk
Bead of your choice (I chose a diamond-shaped black wood bead)
Iron and sewing machine


1. Iron the interfacing to the semicircles.

2. Divide the semicircles into 9 and mark from the center to the edges a straight line with the chalk.

3. Sew the marked lines with straight stitches with your sewing machine.

4. Do all the stitching you want with different colored threads.

5. Fix the zipper with pins on each side.

6. Sew the zipper to the two semicircles.

7. Sew from the back around the edge joining the two semicircles.

8. Turn the entire piece inside out.

9. To decorate the coin purse, make a tassel with embroidery thread: wrap the thread in a circle.

10. Tie inside the loop with a thread and cut up to loosen the strings in the loop.

11. Tie to make strong head for the tassel. Pass the upper thread through the bead.

12. Tie the tassel with the bead at the top of the zipper.

DIY Fan Coin Purse Tutorial

You’r done! It’s an original and very cute coin purse …. Imagine how cool it would be to make it big clutch purse like this 😉 …
DIY Fan Coin Purse Tutorial

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