Fringed Tote Bag Tutorial

Fringed Tote Bag Sewing Tutorial
 You can choose size, color, materials, details and finishes that you prefer. As this DIY Tote bag with fringes with a hippie-chic style, very easy to make and goes great with your jeans or shorts this season.

Do you dare to make a bag from scratch?!


Canvas fabric
Fringed strips
Marking chalk
Sewing Machine


1. Cut 4 rectangles using a magazine as a size guide + 2cm on each side.

2. Cut two strips of 60cm x 8cm strips for the handles and a rectangle for the pocket about 20cm x 15 cm.

* If you want you can use chains for the handles instead of the strips of fabric.

3. To make the handles: fold the strip with the right part of the fabric in and sew.

4. Turn around the strips so they are ready.

5. First make the lining: Fix the pocket you cutted in one of the rectangles for the lining.

6. Sew the sides leaving the pocket in and leave a piece ar the side open so you can flip the bag out when finished. (See photo)

7. Start sewing one side of the bag with another side. Mark with chalk horizontal lines to fix the fringes.

8.  Fix the fringe strips on each marked line with pins and sew them to the bag.

9. Turn the bag with tassels in and close the bottom and the side.

10. Place the handles on the bag leaving a margin of 8cm to each side.

11.  Now you can attach the lining to the bag. With the lining upside down insert the bag.

12. When you have it positioned in side (seams with seams) and the lining bag. Fix with pins and sew all around it.

13. Remember you left an open part in the lining on the side … Now use it to pull the bag out through there. When you have the bag close the lining side.

14. Place the zipper with a few stitches by hand or machine leaving a margin of about 2-4 cm from the top edge.

15. Finish it up with sewing machine stitch in the top to strengthen the handles.

 Done! It’s a bag with a little more work than the last DIY’s I’ve posted lately but definitely worth a try … because the result is fantastic. The bag has a hippie-chic style that will go great with your looks this summer.

Do you dare to try this out?
Fringed Tote Bag Sewing Tutorial

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