Secret Pocket Hanger Tutorial

DIY Secret Hanger. Here you can store whatever you want without being noticed where your stuff is.
Want to make your own? It’s easy!


Canvas fabric
Bias ribbon
Invisible zipper
Secret hanger pattern download HERE and HERE
Sewing machine


1. Join the pattern and cut the fabric twice leaving a 1 cm margin.

2. Sew the invisible zipper on the bottom.

3. Sew the bias ribbon on top where the hook will go.

4. Sew the edges with 1cm margin to close it. Turn the entire piece inside out.

5. Enter your hanger and your done!

Enter your money, documents, keys or whatever you want to keep safe… Close the garment you have hanging on the hanger and it will not be noticed.

 PS! I’m not saying this is a burglar-proof system… but the dismissal can help

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  1. Secret hanger pattern download HERE
    and HERE