Easy DIY Travel Bag Tutorial

Easy DIY Travel Bag Tutorial
 How easy it is to make a cosmetic bag or as popularly known as a toilet Bag. The truth is that this is a multifunction bag, I have called it a toilet bag because to me it is very comfortable to carry my toiletries together (creams, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, among other things…)

But the truth is that you can use this type of bag to carry shoes or also keep dirty clothes separate from clean clothes inside your suitcase… the inside contents are for you to decide 😉


Canvas fabric
Bias ribbon
Measuring ribbon
Sewing machine
Compass (optional)


1. Cut a perfect circle of about 18-25 cm in diameter depending on how big you want your toilet bag. Use the compass if needed.

2. Cut a rectangle (te circles circumference length) the hight you want. (You may find it smart to​​measure the height of your bathroom products to make the rectangle slightly higher so that your products fit properly)

3. Join the rectangle with the circle sewing 1cm margin as the top picture shows.

4. To polish the edge, sew the bias ribbon.

5.  Make a hem of about 2cm to pass the bias ribbon. (before, make sure the bag has a hole to pass the ribbon, you can also make a buttonhole or leave a small opening at the hem)

6.  Sew the bias ribbon in half and pass it through the canal you’ve done sewing the hem.

7. Knot the ribbon at the end so it wont escape. And your done!

To close your toilet bag just stretch the ribbon and tie a knot or a bow.

Easy DIY Travel Bag Tutorial

I hope you enjoyed this DIY and you use this tutorial to make your travel kit. Have a happy summer!  

Easy DIY Travel Bag Tutorial

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