Wet Bag Tutorial

 How to Make a Simple  Vinyl Wet Bag.

I decided to use clear vinyl so it would wipe out easily with a Clorox wipe without having to full-on wash it everytime.

So let's get started!

Here's what you'll need:

-clear vinyl (found at any fabric store. Mine was in the remnants. Score!) cut to 9" x 18"

-3/4" bias tape (at least 3 feet)

-a square of velcro (both sides, of coarse)

-sewing basics

Start by rounding the corners of the top 2 corners of vinyl on one short end using a CD or small plate.

Like so!

Now, on the other short end where the corners are still squared, line up a 9" strip of the bias tape across the edge and pin, running the pins with the bias tape so you don't have little holes where there isn't going to be anything to cover it.

Zig zag stitch right down the center

(it's hard to see with the white thread)

About 2 1/2" down below the bias tape on what will be the outside, center one side of the velcro and sew it on (the top of the velcro hitting the 2 1/2" mark).

(pretend you see the velcro on this picture. I forgot to sew it on first when I did these next steps and I had to redo it, but didn't take new pictures) Now, lay it out with the curved edges up and the "biased edge" down and the side with the velcro square down. Fold the "biased edge" up about 4 1/2" from the top, like an envelope. (now the velcro should be facing up)

It should look like this! Pin on both sides of the bias tape to keep it all in place.

Now do a straight basting stitch starting at the top of the bias tape and going down to the bottom fold. Repeat on the other side. Now you'll have a pocket!

Get the rest of your bias tape, and at one end, fold it in half, right sides together (so it's inside-out)

Sew a strong stitch across it, and then trim close to the stitch.

Now turn it right sides out, using a seem ripper or something pointy to square it out. Now you'll have a perfectly square, finished edge "pocket".

Line it up on the end of one of the bottom, folded corners and pin.

Continue lining up the bias tape all around the raw edges and pin well.

When you get to the other end, trim off the bias tape a little below the bottom of the vinyl so you have some to work with to finish off the end.

Mark with a line where the bottom of the vinyl hits the bias tape on the inside of the bias tape.

Again, turn the bias tape right sides together (inside out) like you did above, and do a strong stitch along the line. Trim close to the stitch, and turn right sides out, again using something pointy to push it out all the way.

It should be all matched up!

Finish pinning.

Zig zag stitch from one bottom edge, up along the curved edges, taking your time with the curves, and down the the other bottom edge.

Center the other side of velcro on the inside of the flap, the top of the velcro about 1" from the top. Sew in place. (Make sure it lines up with the other side of velcro before you sew it down)

And you're done!!

Fill with "back up clothes" if desired and maybe even a small package of travel wipes for any extra mess.

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  1. This looks like an easy way to make a bag to hold wet or damp clothing. I'm going to give this a try. Great pictures, by the way, and clear instructions. Thanks! I know it's not easy making a tute.