Pouch with Zipper. Pattern and Tutorial

 Phone Pouch with Zipper. Pattern and Sewing Tutorial

Phone Pouch with Zipper Pattern can be found here – Phone Pouch with zipper pattern . (It opens on a separate page, click the link again and the pattern will open. Print at 100%.)

The pattern is only for the larger size since the smaller one was a bit too tight for a smart phone.  If you have a non smart phone, use larger seams.

Again the attached pattern is for a smart phone – my template was for an IPhone 5.


Cut 1 piece of “A” of outside fabric.  This piece needs to have batting. I used a fusible batting but any scrap of batting will work.

Cut 1 piece of “B” of outside fabric again. This piece too will need batting.

Now cut lining.  I interfaced both pieces just to keep the shape but it isn’t necessary to use.

Cut 1 piece of “A” from lining fabric.

Cut 1 piece of “B” from lining fabric.

To make the zippered section: Using another piece of fabric, cut out another piece B (this make 3 total of B that you have cut out.) Measure 3″ up from the bottom – which is the rounded not curved side.  Cut the pattern piece in half on the 3″ mark.  You can mix and match these pieces, piece, or applique.  Use your imagination but anything looks great.

To Make:

My zippers were too big. Not an issue since a zipper can easily be cut. Position zipper in the center of the top section of the cut “B” piece. Sew using a zipper foot.

Sew the other side of the cut piece ‘B’ to the other side of the zipper. Press flat.

Sew a 1-1/2″ piece of velcro to the top of the zippered piece.  It should be centered and 3/4″ down from the top raw edge.

Place the zippered piece on top of the of lining piece ‘B’. I stitched around the outside only because on my original test pattern, I hadn’t stitched it down and I didn’t catch the fabric when I sewed everything together. Takes one minute to stitch around the outside  – stitch close to the edge.

Place the outside piece ‘B’, wrong sides together on top of the zippered piece. Sew the top curved edge together using a 1/4″ seam. Clip curves, turn and press flat.

I again stitched around the outside edge to catch all edges. It also gives me a chance to see if I cut uneven and allows me to trim up the edges.

Sew the other side of  Velcro to the top center of the lining piece ‘A’.  Again 3/4″ down.

Lay zippered piece face up on top of lining piece ‘A’ . Again I stitched the outside edges only because I had to throw my test piece away and it was such cute fabric. It isn’t necessary to do all the catch stitching.

Place batting piece ‘A’, right sides together on top of your lining piece and zippered piece.

Starting at the top of the zippered piece (notice where the bump is) and stitch all around piece ‘A’ using a 1/4″ seam. About 2″ from the starting point, stop. Back stitch to secure.

It will seem as if it will not all fit through that hole but it can. Be patient and don’t pull and rip the fabric.  Reach in and try to grab the zippered piece and it will turn right sides out quickly.

Press flat paying close attention to the opening.  Press under paying attention to make the fold appear as if it is part of the seam. Hand stitch closed.  That is it. Done. Super Duper Cute.

When I am out walking I don’t always have pockets in my shorts but still want my phone and don’t want to carry it. There I added a loop with a key ring and made a matching lanyard.

To make the lanyard, cut a piece of fabric 2″ x 33″ long.  I press this piece in half, then folded in and pressed the outside pieces. Fold again and press and the piece is now 1/4″ x 33″ long. At work I must wear a badge and I hook my badge to a lanyard.
The best way I have found to make a lanyard is to cut and press my fabric as above but before sewing around the edges, I stitch the piece together. I unfold the pressed edges, stitch a 1/4″ seam and fold the fabric back together. Now I stitch both edges.

To make the loop, cut a piece 2″ x 3″. Fold and press as above and simply fold under and stitch to the back of the phone pouch.

When I wear mine, everyone wants one. They are quick and easy and I’m making a stash because they take scraps to make and will make a perfect little gift for co-workers and extra gifts at Xmas.

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