Slouchy Hobo Bag Pattern & Tutorial

 How To Make a Slouchy Hobo Bag – Sewing Tutorial with Free Pattern

A cute and comfy bag and you can use cotton print, corduroy (like I did) cotton duck or any light-medium weight fabric.

What you need:
1/2 yard of fabric for the shell (I used corduroy)
1/2 yard of fabric for the lining (I used a cotton print)
Snaps (buy a package with tools if this is your first time)
Patience for my instructions

Now, onto the pattern!
I only drew patterns for the bag's body. I will give you measurements for the strap, pockets etc.
The pattern files are in JPG. Right click on the patterns, save it in your pictures file and print it off as a full page photo. Otherwise it will not be the right size.

Print 2 copies off of each pattern piece and cut them out. Time to put the pattern for the bag's body together.

The pictures are self-explanatory. #3 is just to show you how one of mine printed off. My printer missed the last little part with the notches. Just draw it in by extending the lines and adding the little notches at the end.

Body of the bag: cut 2 from the fabric you chose for the shell and 2 from the lining. Cut 1 from each fabric for the gusset.

Pockets: frankly, it is up to you how big or what type you want them. I chose to make the simplest pockets possible. Cut 1-2 rectangles. Mine were 8 by 12  inches and 7 by 10 inches. 


Fold them in half, right sides together so you will have an 8 by 6 and a 7 by 5 rectangle.


Sew along 2 open sides with 1/4 inch seam allowance (or choose your own seam allowance), through the opening, turn it right side out and iron it. I usually clip the corners before I turn it right side out.


Iron 1/4 inch seam inside from the open end and top stitch around the whole rectangle. Pin it to the lining and sew along 3 sides. Be sure you leave the top open. Repeat with other pocket piece and second lining.


Pockets are done. Now onto the bag body.

First you will attach the gusset to one of the bag body pieces. I made the shell first. Align the gusset notch to the body notch on one side, pin in place and sew it together. The pattern is written for 1/2 inch seam allowance. If you do not use atleast that much, you will end up with a nice little gap, where the gusset meets the body of the bag. Just so we are clear, the gusset is for the bottom of the bag, it will come up the side just a bit.


Next (the picture above) pin the other body piece to the gusset (line up notches again) and pin the body pieces together above the gusset.  Sew together and iron seam. (By the way, after you sew anything iron it the best you can. This is for future reference, incase I forget to say it.)

If you were able to desipher my instructions correctly, this is how it should look.


Repeat for the lining pieces. EXCEPT! On one side leave a 4 inch opening.
See picture bellow. Very important!!


 Now take the top part of the bag and make a pleat like shown on the picture, pin and sew. Repeat for other side and for the lining too.


Now you are going to sew the lining and the shell together. The lining should be wrong side out. Place the shell, which should also be right side out, inside the lining. match up the tops and pin. (So, lining is on the outside, shell inside lining, right sides facing together.)


Just some pictures to show you how it looked. Pictures are worth a thousand words, so this should save me some time.


Sew along the top with a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Using the little hole on the lining, pull the shell through and turn the bag, so now you have the shell right side out with the lining inside the shell, right side out.


 Where the strap will looks neat, but when I first turned it out it looked all funky. Just grab a pencil, knitting needle etc, and reach in through the opening in the lining and make sure those corners are nice and neat.  Iron and top stitch around the top of the bag with a 1/8 seam allowance. Now you can sew that gap in the lining.

The Strap
 Here you have a choice which fabric you want for the strap. Make your decision and cut a 20 inches by 5 inches rectangle.


Fold it in half like this:


Fold it again:


 And cut at a Diagonal (does this make it qualify for the Diagonal challenge?) like this.


Unfold, fold again right sides together and sew along 2 open sides.


Iron and fold down and inside the open end and sew along all sides with a 1/8 inch seam allowance.


 Almost done! Let's make the flap closure.
 Cut a 4 inches by 12.5 inches rectangle, fold right sides together to make a 4 by 6.25 inches rectangle. Sew along 2 open sides with 1/4 inch seam allowance,


clip corners and turn right side out. Iron, sew open end together by turning in 1/4 inch seam, top stitch all sides with 1/8 inch seam allowance.


 Get your snaps ready, read instruction on the package


and first attach the top part of the snaps to the flap.


 Next add the snaps to the bag. I positioned the 3 inches from the top of the bag and they are 2 inches apart in case you are wondering.


I snapped the flap on to see where I wanted to sew the other side of the flap onto the bag. I wanted some room at the top, so the flap loosely closes the bag.


Pin an sew along the 3 sides of the flap, plus along the top of the bag.


Last part. Attach the strap. Pin to the outside of the top side of the bag,


and sew above the rectangle. That little rectangle is meant to be free.



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  1. is the gusset supposed to go all the way to the top of the bag?