Easy Drawstring Gift Bag Tutorial

 let’s make drawstring giftbags! These simple drawstring bags are easy to make and are perfect for goodie bags or for gift-giving.
You can make them in any size required, or personalise them by adding a letter initial to each bag. I made some from cotton muslin, but they would be very cute if made from  your favourite fabrics, too!

I have found that little ones (and anyone, really) really appreciate having things created especially just for them. And so I came up with the idea to make each child a bag with the first letter of their name on it.

24” x 10” muslin or other fabric
2 pieces of 25” cotton cord

cute fabric for letter patch
paper-lined double-stick fusible web

sewing machine

sharp new xacto knife
small metal ruler

 1. Fold each long side over about 1/4” and press with a hot iron. Fold over one more time and press again.

 2. Stitch along the seams you’ve just pressed. Don’t worry if your hems or sewing aren’t perfect!

 3. Now 1/4” fold the top and bottom, press.

 4. Fold again 1”, iron, and then sew along the fold line. This is the pocket where the drawstrings will run through. Now fold the piece in half, seam sides together, and lightly press.

 5. Now, if you wish, add your iron-on letter patch. Fold the bag in half to properly center your patch in the lower middle area, press it with a hot iron, and zigzag stitch around it’s edges to finish it nicely.

 6. Once your letter patch is pressed and sewn on, fold the bag in half with the right (outer) sides together. Sew again along the sides from just below the cord pocket-sleeve along to the bottom of the bag.

 7. Flip the bag rightside out. I use a chopstick to push the corners out nicely. Now it’s time to add the drawstrings.

 8. Cut a 25” cotton cord and tape it to the end of the chopstick. Thread it in through one sleeve and then out again through the other. Tie the ends together.

 9. Now run your other 25” cord in through the opposite sleeve, and out the other. Tie it’s ends together again.   You’re done!

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