How to make Coloured Pencil Roll

 Gift idea! How to Make a Coloured pencil roll/make up brush roll

A cute and simple tutorial for your little one’s coloured pencils. Or adapt it to suit: gardening tools, make-up brushes, or use heavier weight fabric and make a hand place to store spanners and screwdrivers! The possibilities are endless…

You will need:

    Fabric for outer
    Fabric for lining
    Fabric for pencil pocket
    Coordinating and contrasting thread
    Pins and scissors
    Ruler and pencil/Tailor’s Chalk
    Sewing machine and iron

1. Cut the fabric.

You can change the size of your pieces of fabric, and so your pencil roll to fit the numbers of pencils. I had a standard box of 24 coloured pencils so my fabric pieces measure: 36cm x 29cm.

This is the same for the outer piece, the lining piece and the pencil pocket.

2. Make the pocket.

Choose the fabric you are using for the pocket, fold in half length-ways with wrong sides together.

Position and pin to the right side of your lining piece.

Along the long sides of the pocket, measure and lightly mark 1.5cm intervals (you may need to adjust this to suit to size of your pencils i.e. making the intervals wider to fit fatter pencils).

Using Tailor’s chalk and a ruler lightly draw lines across the fabric matching up the intervals on the top and bottom of the pocket.

Sew a straight stitch along your lines, from the top of the pocket to the bottom, stay stitching at the start and end of each line of stitches. Snip loose threads to tidy up.

3. Attaching the ribbon.

Fold the piece of ribbon in half, and position this fold in the ribbon, slightly above the pocket on the lining fabric and pin. (It doesn’t matter which side of the roll you attach it too). The tails of the ribbon need to be facing in towards the centre of the roll.

Sew a few stitches across the ribbon fold as close to the edge as possible to secure it in place.

4. Attach the lining to the outer fabric.

Place the lining and pocket pieces of fabric, right-sides together with the outer piece, making sure the ribbon is tucked inside the two layers.

Pin together.

Starting from the side of the roll, the opposite side to that your ribbon is attached to, using a 1cm seam allowance sew all the way around the edges of the case stopping about 4cm before you reach your starting point.Stay stitch at the start and end of your line of stitches.

You should have sewn over the ribbon fold so the ribbon is now stitched into these layers also.

Press open the seams around the opening.

Snip the corners, making sure not to cut over your stitch line.

Turn the roll the right way out through the opening and press.

Hand-sew closed the opening.

 5. Making the flap.

From the top corners of the roll, measure down 7cm and make a small  mark.

Using Tailor’s chalk and ruler match up the two sides and draw a line across. Sew a small straight stitch across this line.

6. Finishing.

Pop in your pencils, fold over the flap, roll up and tie in a bow!

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  1. Or... you could buy a Niji Roll for under $6 at Jetpens or Dick Blick, which will remain usable until your colored pencils are 1" stubs. Not hatin'; just sayin'. This kind of case would be great for Stabilo 88 pens or Staedtler Triplus Fineliners, but unless you can afford to keep buying new colored pencils every time they wear down to 5", I wouldn't recommend this kind of case. Well, I guess maybe for Crayola Twistables, but other than that, no.

    1. @ Astrin Ymris can buy less crap from China and simply stuff each casing with cotton when the pencils get short enough; "just sayin'". I think the roll is a great idea and I thank handmadiya for taking the time to share this tutorial with the world. I hope to make some for my boys for their nature journaling.