Elephant Dolls Tutorial and Pattern

Today we wanted to debut our Endearing Elephants Tutorial. This super sweet mother/baby elephant duo makes our hearts swoon with their lovable faces, soft and delicate ears, and bright designs.

We absolutely adore how the trunks can hook onto one another, to showcase the love and bond between them.

I specifically designed them to be super fast and easy to make up, which makes them perfect for beginners and service projects (you have to have a fast pattern if you’re going to donate a whole bag of toys!).

We have seen “fancy” toy animals in many retail stores, and they are very exquisite, but they can also be very costly. Our elephants are perfect for creating a contemporary, but fun kid’s space – great for decorating and for playing with!

Tools & Supplies:
– The follow SKUs from Fruit Stand by Jane Farnham:
*Fat Quarter of Fabric A: 1240204 #3 for the Mama’s Body
*Fat Eighth of Fabric B: 1240201 #3 for the Mama’s Ear
*Fat Quarter of Fabric C: 2140204 #2 for the Baby’s Body
*Fat Eighth of Fabric D: 2140207 #1 for the Baby’s Ear
– yarn in coordinating colors: 36” for the Mama, and 12” for the Baby
– embroidery floss in contrasting color
– fiber stuffing or fabric scraps
– paper printer
– basic sewing supplies:
– sewing machine
– iron & pressing surface
– needle & coordinating thread
– scissors & fabric shears
– straight pins
– fabric marker

1. Please wash, dry & iron your fabric before beginning.
2. A 1/4” seam allowance is included in the template. Unless otherwise indicated, please use this allowance for all seams.

1. Print the Endearing Elephants template at 100% of its actual size, and cut out the pieces.
2. Trace the template pieces onto folded double layers of the appropriate fabric as indicated on the template, and cut out the pieces in fabric. You should have (2) of each piece, mirror images of one another.

3. Mark the tail & ear placements on the Wrong Sides of your fabric as indicated on the pattern pieces.
4. Cut your yarn into (6) 6” lengths for the Mama’s tail, and (3) 4” length’s for the Baby’s tail.

1. Sew each A-B and D-C pair of Ear pieces together, Right Sides facing, leaving their straight edges open.
2. Press the seam open and turn the Ears Right Sides out.
3. Sew a Head piece to its matching Body piece, Right Sides together, with an Ear piece sandwiched between them. The Ear’s accent fabric (B or D) should be against the Body piece.
Note: make sure that the Ear is placed between the “Ear Placement” marks on the Body piece.

4. Tie all the yarn pieces for the Mama’s tail together with a knot at one end, and braid the remainder. Repeat with the Baby’s tail.

5. Tack your braided tail to the “Tail Placement” mark on one of the appropriate elephant’s Body pireces as shown, with the loose end toward the fabric’s edge.

6. Tuck the Ears against their Body pieces to keep them out of the way, and sew each pair of Elephant sides together, Right Sides facing. Leave a gap at the Elephants’ back legs as shown. Clip your corners, press the seams open and turn your Elephants Right Side out.

7. Un-pin the Ears, stuff your Elephants and sew the gaps closed by hand.
8. Embroider an eye on each side of the Elephants’ faces with a satin stitch.

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  1. Gracias por tan bellos elefantes y la generosidad de compartir