Zipper Organizer Storage Box Bag. Free Tutorial

 Zipper Organizer Storage Box Bag. DIY step-by-step Free Tutorial

 Let's get to work!

This case/bag here is 18cm large, 15 cm deep and 16cm high

What we need:
Outside fabric (here, green linen):

    1x - 62 x 18 cm + 1cm overlap = 64x20cm (this large strip is the front side, the botton, the back side and the top)
    2x 15 x 16cm + 1cm overlap = 17x18cm (both sides)

Inside fabric (pink & grren cotton (yes again ;-))):

    1x - 62 x 18 cm + 1cm overlap = 64x20cm
    2x 15 x 16cm + 1cm overlap = 17x18cm
    for the pockets: 2 x 18x20 cm + 1cm overlap = 20x22cm
    for the handles: 30x8cm

Thick fusing:

    for the outside: 62x18cm + 2x 15x16
    for the handle: 28x6cm
    for the pockets: 2x 9 x 18cm

Fleese if you want it to be "cozier":
62x18cm + 2 x 15x16cm

1 zipper min. 48cm long
 1. Fuse all wht must be fused: the outside, the handle and half of the pockets
 2. I you wish to decorate the outside, do it now. I just added this crochet doily but I trust you to have great other ideas
Don't hesitate to mark the different parts on the large strip (see my purple line)
 3. Fix the fleece on the inside - Here, I decided to form this 5/5cm squares.
 4. The inside pockets:

    Fold the large side in 2. visible sides on the inside. sew along the lon side, turn around and topstich close to the edge
    Locate the bottom on the large strip.
    Pin each pocket with the seam alongst those lines
    Sew on the sides (real close to the edges) and in the bottom (on the lines marking the bottom of the bag)
    If you wish to make smaller pockets, sew in the middle. For a stronger result, I always stitch twice.
 5. The handle:
• Fold and iron the overlap of the long edges to the inside - right side facing down.
• Fold in 2 and iron • Turn around (to have the right sides facing in the inside).
• Sew the short edges
• Turn around and topstich all around
 On the long strip, locate the center of the top and mark - on each side - a 4x3 cm cross 4cm from the center (cfr photo)
 pin and sew the handle

 6. Put the outside together
Sew the side pieces on the large strip - along the front, bottom and back sides - with the good sides of the fabric facing eachother

 Turn around and look how nice it is ;-)
 7. Sew the inside together the exact same way but LEAVE ONE SIDE OPEN so you can turn the whole thing around at the end!!!
 8. put the zipper on the top
watch out, this isn't very scientific ;-)

    Place the top - right side up - flat in front of you
    (the body of the bag lays between you and the top)
    Place the zipper on top of it - opening to the right - face down.
    Pin all along - marking the angles
 Sew with the zipper foot of your machine on
 On top of that, pin and sew the top of the inside fabric - right side down. (You can - of course - sew the 3 elements (zipper + outside + inside) together but it is really not that easy to correctly sew the zipper in the angles as it is and I fear it would even be harder without seeing what you're doing)
 Turn around and OPEN THE ZIPPER!!!
 9. Assemble the other side of the zipper

    Put the outside fabric in the inside right sides facing - with, between the 2, the top turned the right way out
    Pin the other side of the zipper between both fabric - starting at the end. Make sure the both ends of the zipper remain apparent (note: the zipper I used is an reused one. that's why it is so long; yours should only be 1 or 2cm longer)!
   Sew all around

10. Turn it all outside out through the opening you left in one of the inside's sides and sew this one closed

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