Snap Wallet with Zipper Pouch Tutorial

 An easy snap wallet is something I’ve been making for a long time – it’s a good size to hold a bit of money or some business cards.

 Then I changed the design slightly to add a small zippered pouch to the back and it makes the perfect grab and go wallet for me – when you don’t want to cart around a bigger wallet or purse it’s now ideal for a few cards, a bit of money and some change or subway tokens.

What you’ll need:
piece A in your main fabric
piece B in your contrasting fabric
three pieces of lining C
one 5 1/2 inch zipper (cut to size)

1) With the smaller zipper lining piece and the contrast piece (B) right sides together, sandwich your zipper along the lower edge and stitch along the seam. The right side of the zipper should face the right side of the contrast (B) piece.

2) Flip these two pieces down so the wrong sides are facing each other and on the top edge of the zipper, repeat this sandwich with the main fabric (A) and the larger zipper lining piece, holding the other two pieces out of the way. The right side of the zipper should face the right side of main fabric (A) and the right side of the lining piece should face the wrong side of the zipper, as pictured below.

3) Fold the main piece (A) up and top stitch along the top edge of the zipper. Fold the small lining piece and the contrast piece (B) down (keep the longer lining piece out of the way) and top stitch along the bottom edge of the zipper.

4) Lifting the contrast piece away, stitch the two lining pieces together along their bottom edge, lining them up so the lie flat.

5) Place the large lining piece on top of the entire zippered piece, with right sides together.

6) Holding the two layers together, trace out and cut a curve into the top of the wallet.

7) Stitch all around the edges of the wallet through all the layers, including the ends of your zipper (watch out for any metal zipper ends). Leave a small (one inch) opening along one side for turning. Trim any longer seam edges, and clip around the curved seam to ensure a smooth curve.

8 ) Turn the whole thing right side out through the opening you’ve left. Then slip stitch the opening closed.

9) Iron flat. Fold the bottom up to form the pouch. The top edge should come to just above where your zipper is on the reverse side. Top stitch around the sides and top.

10) Add your snaps.

And your wallet is complete!

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