How to Sew Patchwork Puzzle Ball

DIY How to make a Montessori ball. Patchwork Sewing Tutorial
I was looking for a little project to make and thought I'd try to make one of these puzzleballs that I've always kind of found fascinating. After looking around to figure out how they are constructed (with the help of this example on craftster) I took a stab at making my own. I like it just as an object to sit on my shelf but it would also be good for a baby and I could certainly see myself making another next time I need a quick gift. Not too tricky once you figure out the construction...

Using the template above, cut 36 pieces, 12 in your main colour (orange in this case) and 24 in the contrast colour (blue here). You can make these any size you like - mine were about 3 1/2 inches long from tip to tip.

To make your first pod, stitch one blue piece to an orange piece right sides together along one side, leaving 1/4 inch seam allowance on each point end unstitched.

Then stitch a second blue piece to the other side of the orange piece. You'll start your seam 1/4 inch from the point, right where your other seam ends.

Then stitch the third edge, with both the blue pieces right side together. Leave a small opening in the middle to do your stuffing.

Repeat these steps until you have twelve pods stitched together.

Turn one of your pods right side out. Stuff some batting inside until its firm and holds its shape.

 Then slip stitch the opening shut.

Now you'll have this funny stuffed pod. Repeat until you've got twelve of them!

Next step is to slip stitch the points of two pods together. Then add a third pod and slip stitch to the ends of each of the other two. This will make a little triangle. Repeat three more times, until you've got four fat triangles.

Next, slip stitch the points of two of your triangles together.

Add a third triangle and stitch the two opposite ends of one the pods on that triangle to a point on each of the first two triangles, as shown below. You'll have three points sewn together and three points (one on each of the triangles) still free.

Add your last triangle by sewing two of the points on it to two of the adjacent points on the already attached triangles. Now you'll have just two unattached points left.

Stitch those two final points together to close the ball, and you're done!

 I hope that makes sense if you'd like to try making one of these yourself! Good luck!

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  1. Thankyou so very much for all the free patterns and so many ideas you share, this will be a great make for some cheeky little ones.xx

  2. so cute!!! thank you for sharing! this looks like fun and I am so tired of sewing masks!