Scrappy Organizer Tutorial

 Little tutorial for all you out there looking for fun handmade gifts to sew for Christmas {or any other time of year }.

I decided to make the tutorial for an organizer with interior pockets for a passport or something of similar size - card pocket - pencil pocket and key fob. But the interior is easily adapted to fit your own needs, make it bigger to fit a checkbook and some pens. Smaller with felt pages stitched in the center for a needlebook. Or make narrow slip pockets for the sides to fit in a day planner or calendar. There are plenty of options!

This organizer is fairly quick to whip up and will allow you to use quite a few of those scraps I know you're hoarding.

 and most importantly it will make a lovely gift!

 About this tutorial

As with all tutorials and patterns please read all the way through first before you begin.
Press your fabrics along the way.
All seam allowances are 1/4" unless it's stated otherwise.

What you will need:

For the exterior

    Scraps of different fabrics and prints.
    6"x 9" piece of batting {I cut mine larger than this and trim back later}
    1 button
    44" baker's twine or ribbon
    one piece of double sided fusible interfacing for applique optional

For the interior

    6" x 9" lining fabric + interfacing
    6" x 8 1/2" for the large pocket + interfacing
    6" x 6 1/2" for the smaller pocket + interfacing
    3" x 9" for the pen pocket + interfacing
    2 1/2" x 3 1/2" for the keyfob.
    1 split ring or lobster clasp

Step 1
This block is improvisational pieced there are no cutting instructions. If you have never made a liberated or wonky log cabin block before don't worry it is easy - I promise!
You just add strips of fabrics to a center square going round clock wise or anti clockwise - the choice is up to you. It really is as simple as that!

to make the scrappy log cabin block:
Place two scraps of fabric right sides together on top of the batting, just eyeball the position you don't have to start in the precise center. Sew straight on top of the batting, fold open and press.

* Tip: I use a pressing cloth as the batting does not agree with my iron, you could also just finger press since these pieces are very small*

Place your next piece of fabric right sides together and sew -again straight through the batting - and press.

 You get the idea right, it's just like any other liberated log cabin you would make the only difference is you're sewing directly onto the batting. This is exactly the same way I make my log cabin cushions and coasters - for those of you who have been asking ;-)

Since we're making a rectangular log cabin I try to add wider strips on the top and bottom and narrower ones for the sides. This way I can add more rounds to the log cabin which will make it nice and scrappy. I do not measure my strips beforehand, just pull my fabrics straight from my scrap bins, and trim them back a bit of necessary.

 be careful not to cut straight through the batting!

Just keep adding rounds to your log cabin...

.. until your batting is completely covered.

Trim back to 6" x 9" and zig zag the edges.

Step 2
 I am going to add a bit of applique for fun!
Roughly cut out the piece of fabric you would like to use and apply double sided fusible interfacing. Trim back, peel off the backing paper and fuse to the top.

 If you have a fancy stitch on your machine you never use this may be a good time to use it, or else just zig zag around the outer edge of the applique.

  Secure the bakers twine in the center of the back with a couple of stitches.

I use a safety pin to keep the twine safely out of the way for when I'm ready to sew the organizer closed.

 Step 3
Fuse interfacing to the lining and pocket fabrics.

to make the pockets:
Fold both fabrics in half and top stitch each one.

Place the smaller pocket on top of the larger pocket and sew to the right side of the lining fabric with a 1/8" seam allowance.

To make the keyfob:
 Fold in half lengthwise, press both edges towards the center and fold in half again.

Top stitch along both sides. Fold in half with the split ring or lobster clasp in the center and stitch closed. If you want to stitch right close up to the split ring you will need to use a zipperfoot, I'm lazy so I just switched the needle position way up to the left.

To make the pen pocket.
Fold in half right sides facing and sew right side closed. Clip corner and turn right side out.

Top stitch and pin onto the left side of the lining fabric.

Sew right side of the pen pocket, and top edge of the key fob to the lining fabric with a 1/8" seam allowance.

Measure 1 1/4" from the side of the pen pocket and mark for sewing, I run the back of my seam ripper along my ruler to create a line but you can use any type of non permanent fabric marker you like.

Sew to create the pen pocket.

Step 4
Pin lining and exterior together right sides facing and stitch all the way round leaving a 2"-3"opening for turning. Clip corners, turn right side out and press.

My keyfob is refusing to lay flat so I'm going to stitch it down, if you have read all the way through before starting you may want to stitch down the key fob before sewing the lining to the exterior.

We're just a few hand stitches away from being done now!
First slip stitch the opening closed.

Then attach a button to the front.

Wrap the twine around the organizer twice and twist around button and...
voila all done!

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